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Exploring why people appose abortion?

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Although a lot of people appose abortion not every one does so in my essay I will be exploring why and why not people appose abortion? This is important because it is an issue, which is debated a lot, and people have different views on it. Also recently there have been debates about Law changing. To find information for my research I will be using different sources to find out what different regions believe and why they believe this. I am trying to find out what people in certain religions and non-religious believe. Also I am trying to find out what people who have had religions feel towards abortion and how they feel after having the abortion. To do this I will use methods such as questionnaires and books. To investigate my hypotheses I need to answer questions such as does religion affect your views on abortion? Also has the amount of abortions increased over the years? And do younger age groups have more or less abortions? ...read more.


and believe it's not just a matter that concerns human beings and their conscience but also something that concerns human beings and their God. But although Christians believe this they do not condemn those who have had an abortion and they believe that People involved in an abortion are usually affected very deeply not just emotionally but often spiritually as well. They often turn to their faith for advice and comfort for explanation of their feelings. Lots of other religious groups share a similar view, as Christians such as Catholics whose views are identical to Christians. Also Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism share similar views. Buddhism believes forbid the taking of any human or animal life and teaches that life begins with consciousness. Sikhism believes it is interferes in the creative work of God who created everything and is present in every being. Hinduism believes that abortion prevents a soul in its progress towards God. They believe that a foetus is a living, person deserving of protection. ...read more.


By doing this research I have found out that in england and whales the number of abortions taken place in 1968 was only 22,000 but for 2006 a staggering total of 193,737 people had an abortion. In the table below there are the statistics for abortion at different ages in 2006. All together people under 19 had 41,286 abortions in 2006 which is more than people of the ages of 25 to 29. As you can see in the table below the mojority of abortions were performed on people under the age of 29 where as the number of abortions performed on people 30 and over is a lot less. Age of women Number of abortions All ages 193,737 19 and under 41,286 20-24 55,340 25-29 40,396 30-34 28,153 35-39 20,074 40 and over 8,488 By doing this bit of research I have managed to answer one of my key question which was Has the amount of abortions increased over the years? I found out that yes the amount of abortions has increased over the years and went from 22,000 to 193,737 Abortion ...read more.

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