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Faced with issues of Abortion and Euthanasia explain how a Christian would respond

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AO2 Faced with issues of Abortion and Euthanasia explain how a Christian would respond. (14 marks. 350-525 words.) Each Christian denomination follows their own beliefs and practices instead of all following set teachings from the Bible. The teaching on Euthanasia and Abortion for Roman Catholics is that it is wrong. Roman Catholics believe that human life is a gift from God and should be treated with respect because it is sacred. Therefore Abortion is an act of defiance towards God. This can also be said about Euthanasia. As Euthanasia is assisted suicide it could still is classed as killing a gift from God which is wrong in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church. ...read more.


The Roman Catholic Church has an 'absolutist' view on Euthanasia and Abortion being wrong. They feel that there is other ways around the two situations. Instead of Abortion they feel you could consider fostering or adoption. Instead of Euthanasia you could consider checking in to a hospice or have respite care. Methodists believe that abortion is acceptable only if the mother was raped. They believe it will be easier for the mother to forget about the awful experience, put it behind her and move on rather then being constantly reminded of it everyday when she looks at her child. ...read more.


Human life is very important to Christians, as they believe it is a gift from God and God lives inside each and every one of our bodies, like a temple. The Catechism of the Catholic Church quotes that "Every human life, from the moment of conception until death, is sacred because the human person has been willed for its own sake in the image and likeness of the living and Holy God". This shows that the Catholic Church strongly believes that each human life is so special and is made in the likeness of God. This means that God is the only person that has the right to takes away a human life as he created it in the first place. Sean Toomey 11 More ...read more.

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