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'For Christians sex is only right within marriage" Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer showing that you have thought about more than one point of view.

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A03 'For Christians sex is only right within marriage" Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer showing that you have thought about more than one point of view. Many Christians have different views and ideas on whether or not sex is only tight within marriage. Most Christians accept that adultery is wrong i.e. having extra-marital sex, with someone who is not your marriage partner, but increasing numbers of Christians, especially young Christians who are exposed to these ideas every day, now believe that sex before marriage is okay. Sex outside marriage can take many forms; adultery, sex before marriage but with the intention of marriage later, sex in a long-term relationship but not a marriage, and sex whenever you want it, before or after marriage. The media has a lot of power over people's opinions, and is a big influence on young people today. Everything is telling us that light sex is acceptable, a normal part of life, and something we must experience. ...read more.


These people would argue that sex is acceptable outside of marriage, with the conditions that both people want it, and it is fin and harmless. This argument is very weak though, and undermines the importance and sacredness of an exclusive relationship between two people who love each other. In Matthew's gospel, Jesus taught about the importance of faithfulness within marriage, and how even looking at another lustfully is wrong and could lead to more serious adultery. This is human weakness, and could separate you from God, and alienate you from your partner. It also breaks the bond of trust and destroys the intimacy experienced in sexual relations. I believe that sex outside marriage, as a pleasurable activity, treats the other person only as an object of your own pleasure, not a human being with a spirit and emotions, not one who you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. This dismisses the true meaning of the gift of sexuality, and is not God's intention Sex was part of God's plan of creating new life, and was designed for within marriage so that children would have a stable environment to grow up in. ...read more.


I do believe though that there are some people who don't value marriage because they believe it is corrupt because it is so easy to get a divorce nowadays, but they still enter life-long relationships which are just like a marriage, and so I believe that sex within this type of relationship is right, which is the only grounds on which I disagree with the statement. Also some long-term relationships that aren't marriage are more stable and successful than some marriages, so I believe sex within these relationships is right, because there would be foundations laid down for looking after children responsibly if new life ever was created. Also I believe for people who are engaged or are intending to get married sex is acceptable because in my view this shows that they are not just doing it for physical pleasure but it is the total giving of oneself to the other. Engagement is a trial marriage and this intention of the couple spending the rest of their lives together shows the validity and wholeness of giving of the relationship. This is the only terms in which I think sex before marriage is acceptable. ...read more.

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