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How are the sources of knowledge used in 'Blood Wedding', 'Love in the Time of Cholera' and 'And How Long?' to convey various ideas?

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English - World Literature Essay (Q) How are the sources of knowledge used in 'Blood Wedding', 'Love in the Time of Cholera' and 'And How Long?' to convey various ideas? A number of knowledge sources, religious, scientific and gossip knowledge are used in the texts to express various purposes. Religious knowledge is about people's different beliefs and their variation from culture to culture. It is about God's existence and people's thinking about Him controlling the world. On the other hand, scientific knowledge is about inventions done by humans through using technology. Gossip is concerned with the ways in which people, both dead and living communicate. It also includes weapons that cause destruction and death. 'And How Long?' is based on the theme of life and death. The narrator, Pablo Neruda uses sources in this poem as tools to find an answer to his rhetorical questions about life and existence. "How long does a man live, after all?" (Line 1) "How long does a man spend dying?" (Line 4) With these questions in mind, Neruda sets himself on a journey of exploring the sources to satisfy himself. 'Blood Wedding' has a completely different setting and is mainly about the Spanish culture and about a typical Spanish wedding. ...read more.


"In the distance... the bells of the Cathedral were ringing for High Mass" Religion is regarded as of great value in Spanish societies. In addition, the use of religious words such as "Divine Providence" (Page 4), "Holy See" (Page 44), "Holy Spirit" (Page 66) and sentences "...Sister Franca de la Luz, Superior of the Academy of ... the Blessed Virgin..." (Page 78) show the significance of religion in Spanish high-class societies. Dr. Urbino says, "It's the third time I've missed Sunday Mass...But God understands" (Page 7) The next source mentioned in Neruda's journey is scientific knowledge. Scientific knowledge is all about science, technology and innovations. Neruda thought that maybe science has the answers to his confusions. "Medical men received me...busier each day." (Line 19) Despite his efforts, he did not receive success here either and all he realized was that science is all about microbes; microbes that also live life like humans and only the best survive due to competition just like in humans today. Furthermore, even the few that survived were deliberately destructive against other people's ideas. "It was not so much the death of a microbe... But the few which survived Showed signs of perversity" (Line 25) ...read more.


But I know less everyday." (Line 51) In 'Blood Wedding', the sources lead to a dramatic and tragic ending with both the bridegroom and the lover killing each other, therefore, showing that eventually, everyone has to die and one day death takes over life. Moreover, the novel shows how the use of weapons leads to destruction. Mother says "Neighbors, it was with a knife... Two men in love killed each other... Where the dark root of the scream Lies trembling enmeshed." (Page 104) In 'Love in the Time of Cholera', the sources lead to another miracle as Florentino Ariza is able to find his unrequited love as Fermina Daza accepts his love even after they are in their old age. "At a certain moment...Only then did he have the courage to admit to himself how much he had loved her." (Page 346) "Florentino Ariza had kept his answer ready for fifty-three years, seven months and eleven days and nights." (Page 348) Hence, it could be said that the sources lead to completely different conclusions in the three texts depending on the way they are used in the texts and thus, they bring a positive, negative or a mystifying ending to the text according to the author's intentions. (Word Count - 1500 words) ...read more.

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