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How is Christmas celebrated by Roman Catholics and the Society of Friends?

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How is Christmas celebrated by Roman Catholics and the Society of Friends? Different denomations celebrate Christmas in many different ways. Roman Catholics celebrate Christmas by decorating their churches. At the front of the church there is usually a Christmas tree which is decorated and has many lights on it. There is also an advent wreath, which is lit every four Sundays in advent. There are four candles around the wreath and one in the middle; this one is lit on Christmas day. A visual aid in the church at Christmas is the crib scene. There is usually a stable with an ox and sheep with their shepherds. Jesus is placed there on Christmas day this represents the day he was born. ...read more.


no crib for a bed, The little lord Jesus lay down his sweet head The stars in the bright sky looked down where he lay The little lord Jesus a sleep on the hay" "The cattle are lowing the baby awakes, But little lord Jesus no crying he makes I ask thee lord Jesus I ask thee to stay Close by me forever and love me I pray" This is a type of carol, which they would sing. Carols are important as we are rejoicing that Christ has been born, they also represent a sign of community as everyone sings together. Carols are also important at Christmas, as they are a sign of prayer and worship to Christ. ...read more.


The Quakers or Society of Friends celebrate Christmas different to Roman Catholics. They believe that the divinity of Christ should be remembered at all times not just at religious festivals. They do not celebrate festivals as much as other denominations. Quakers focus on charity work, however, at one special festival, which is Christmas. There is a meeting on Christmas day in their Meeting House. This is a hall with a few chairs. They will sit in a square around a table in the centre of the room in silence. Maybe one or two people will stand say a reading or poem relevant to Christmas. It takes normal structure of a mass. Silence lets the spirit work in themselves it's a way of becoming conscious of God and coming closer to him in your life. ...read more.

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