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How might a Christian respond to the issue of abortion?

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How might a Christian respond to the issue of abortion? Christians will all respond to the issue of abortion in different ways. Some Christians will follow the teaching of their church and strictly follow the rules that are laid out by that church. Others will look at the bible and see if they can adopt an attitude to abortion which best suits what is written. Other Christians may follow the life example and teachings of Jesus trying to re-live his way of life as Christians believe that Jesus is God, and they would believe that God knows exactly what are the right and wrong things to do. Some Christians may ask their friends and family how they feel about abortion even asking their priest what their opinion maybe. Some Christians form their own opinions even if it does go against the teachings of their church. The Roman Catholic Church sees a life starting at the moment of conception. Life is a gift from God made in his image and likeness, and from the moment of conception they should be treated equally as any other human being with all the rights of a human being. The Roman Catholic Church has always been against abortion and a second century church teaching, the Didache said; "You shall not kill by abortion, the fruit of the womb" This clearly shows that most Roman Catholics should be against abortion in all circumstances. ...read more.


The prevalence of Abortion as well as being an evil itself has led to the wide spread abandonment of fundamental moral principles.. But all campaigning, especially on 'life' issues must be conducted non-violently and with respect for the law." This shows that Roman Catholics should be completely against abortion seeing it as a "destruction of human life" not only is it an evil but it has spread itself to allow for the "abandonment of fundamental moral principles". They believe that Abortion is truly wrong and having it legal causes massive effects in all aspects of human rights not just those of abortion. Finally it states that any campaigning there must be must be done properly and without the intention of hurting others or against the law. The Church of England are slightly more relaxed on the subject of abortion but they are still against it and will allow it in certain cases e.g when there is a risk to the mother's life, in cases of rape, or if the child may be handicapped. They see these abortions the lesser of two evils. This means that abortion is completely wrong unless somebody's life is in danger when having the child. The mother's life being in risk is a good example. If the only possible way she can have the child is if she dies or gets a serious illness or condition then abortion is not as bad. ...read more.


Other Christian responses are to set up more mother and baby homes to help comfort pregnant women and campaign for recognition that abortion is murder. A further Christian response is to set up sex education classes with emphasis on responsibility and contraception. They may also campaign to change the law against late abortions to reduce the number of abortions carried out. Other Christian responses may be to give good contraceptive advice. Educating children more about abortion and pregnancy. They will also support women who choose abortion. In extreme cases some Christians will bomb abortion clinics to prove their point. It will shock doctors who carry out abortions and may prevent them from wanting to carry on. They will even find the houses of doctors who perform abortions and kill them. They would believe that what they are doing is fighting for the lesser of the two evils. Because they believe that doctors who perform abortions are murdering innocent human life Other Christians will support abortion and may even be abortion doctors themselves. This shows their love for other people, their agape love towards others. If they help people who need abortions than they see they are doing a good act and they believe it would be seen good to God. To find one Christian response to abortion is very hard. Abortion is such a complex issue that there will never and has never been one Christian answer. Therefore there is no one Christian response but there are many different Christian responses. ...read more.

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