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How you fit into Gods life Story

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How you fit into Gods life Story "Hi, This is my Friend God" Before I start, I would like to clarify a few things: First, I am aware that I am referring to God as a male when I say "he". I do this because it is easier than carefully structuring my sentences around using the word "it" instead; "it" also usually refers to a thing. Second, I will remind you that this is only my theory, that everyone is entitled to believe what he or she wants, and that you are reading this of your own free will. - Unless of course this happens to actually get published, is a major hit, and becomes part of the core curriculum at schools, but I doubt it - What this means is that I have every right to write about these things, you have a right to disagree, but if you do, then please tell anyone but me, because I really couldn't care less if you think that I'm wrong. God. Human beings have believed in God for thousands of years, we pray to him, we are so obsessed with him that when we find other religions, which believe in a God other than ours, we wage war with them. ...read more.


I'll use matter as an example. As anyone who is reading this should know, everything in the universe is made up of atoms, which are in fact made up of much smaller parts. Gods' first tries at creating matter probably had no smaller parts to them. If God then tried to put mass in space, it would be fine, but when time and other things were added, it became too complicated. God's a perfectionist, if it is necessary, complicated systems are fine, but if things can be changed to make things simpler then they are. As God continued to experiment, (keeping in mind that he had an infinite amount of time to do so,) he came up with new ways to do things, for example after practice, and a lot of thinking, he probably figures out that mass needed to be made up of smaller parts, he discovered he could give mass a gravitational pull, he discovered time, space, and all the other things that exist in this universe. - Here is an explanation of how God could have had a first, second and third form of anything, before time. Gods' version of time is not the same as ours, in his version he can do something, and then something else, he can not ...read more.


We are part good and part bad, this is our basic problem. God created us, but he's not influencing us at all, he is letting us run our own lives. What I find to be extremely strange is the way we are constantly praying to God. If God commanded us to pray to him, to tell him how brilliant and glorious he is, then it is obvious that he is not perfect, and that he is self obsessed. I mean, what would u do if someone ordered you to constantly tell them how great they are? You would say that they are either self-obsessed; they lack self-confidence, or both. Now why should we pray to a God who would probably benefit more from a session with a psychiatrist? The truth is that God can hear our prayers, but every prayer probably just aggravates him, how would you like it if you had billons of people constantly whining and asking you for stuff? God can hear us, but he doesn't give a **** about any of us as individuals, he cares about what we do as people. Think of God as a scientist with unlimited resources, and yourself as an electron of an atom of one of the specks of dust on one of the white mice that God does his experiments on. ...read more.

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