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"If we need to kill animals for research we should".

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R.E Buddhism Coursework - Part C "If we need to kill animals for research we should". Some people would disagree with this statement, especially Buddhists as every year; thousands of animals experience great suffering in the name of research. It could be argued that a tiny handful of these experiments have indeed benefited mankind. But there are countless thousands of instances of humans bringing needless suffering to innocent animals. For example, many cosmetic products and household chemicals are tested for safety for humans using procedures such as the infamous Draize test. In this test, the substance under investigation is put into the eye of a live, healthy rabbit, and left there. ...read more.


Some people believe that if we are scientifically advanced enough to get a man onto the moon then we should be able to find a way to research on something other than animals. Islam allows people to test on animals, but this is only if there is no other alternative. This is because they feel that life is part of the world God created and should therefore be treated with respect. "Whoever is kind to the creatures of God, is kind to himself." - This is a quote by The Prophet Muhammad. This quote shows how Muhammad feels about harming animals, therefore Muslims today respect how he feels about animals and tries to not harm animals in the modern day unless it is completely necessary. ...read more.


Also people agree with this statement because there are more animals in the world than humans so a death of an animal means less than a death of a human. Another reason that people my agree that animals should be tested on is that the animals that they test on might be considered as pests, so it is a useful way of removing pests. There are many cures to diseases that have been found out by testing on animals, so therefore they have been killed for the good of many others. In conclusion I think there are many valid reasons why animals should be researched on, however the cruelty of it all outweighs the benefits. I also think that it is not necessary to use animals with the advanced technology we have. Scientists should be able to find another way instead of torturing innocent animals. ...read more.

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