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In all the western culture(s), the term

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DERRICK OKRAH CREATIONISTS In all the western culture(s), the term "creationism," or "creation," is automatically associated with Christianity and the Bible. In particular it is associated with the book of Genesis, the beginning book of the Bible, which recounts the story of creation. However this generalization ignores those of other faiths who believe just as firmly in creation as opposed to evolution from their respective points of view The believe that God created the universe during 6 consecutive 24 hour days less than 10,000 years ago, precisely as a one of the literal interpretations of the Biblical book of Genesis would indicate. ...read more.


They also believe that Science is science. Lab work is lab work and fieldwork is fieldwork. Science, in its purest form, deals with what can be tested and worked with. It does not matter, when adding materials to a Petri dish, when excavating fossils, when operating the spacecraft, whether the person or people involved are atheistic, deistic, agnostic, New Age, or however else they might consider themselves. The technical aspects are not part of the belief systems of the men and women involved, they believe that man is inaccurate and can come up with theories which can be convincing. ...read more.


Scientists accept the fact that everything is a theory, but...[evolution is] probably the biggest unifying theory that exists in all of science." If either the theory of evolution or an old Earth were to be proven incorrect, then our understanding of many different sciences would collapse, however scientist also support their views with this major logic point, they believe that creation science" is not actually science. This is because the beliefs of creation scientists cannot be falsified. That is, it would be impossible for a creation scientist to accept a proof that their beliefs are false and that naturalistic evolution is true. Many scientist also believe that Natural processes caused simple bacteria to evolve into complex animals over billions of years. ...read more.

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