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Is it more difficult to be disciples of Jesus today, do you agree? Give reasons to support your opinion and show that you have thought about different points of view

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Chris Hunt GCSE Religious Studies OCR1930A Paper 1 Lukes Gospel (C)Is it more difficult to be disciples of Jesus today, do you agree? Give reasons to support your opinion and show that you have thought about different points of view. (A03) I disagree with this statement. I think it is easier to be a disciple of Jesus today because of the following reasons. Firstly because we have human rights, which mean we have freedom of speech and we can't get prosecuted for our beliefs. This means we can be open about our beliefs. Unlike in Jesus's era where you would get killed for being a disciple Secondly the religion is the largest in the world. Every country in the world has Christians. ...read more.


You must learn something. In Catholic schools you get 100% Christian education and in non-catholic schools you still get 51% Christian information. Fourthly there are such good role models to learn from and follow their example such as Mother Teresa who devoted her life to helping the sick. She was a great follower of Jesus and did loads of charity work, so she is a great example of a modern day disciple. We also have the bible. This is printed in most languages. They did not have the bible and the ones they did have were in Latin so only a small amount of people could read the bible. But now the bible is not only in books but its on tapes and the Internet. ...read more.


So there is a lack of faith in the Christians because some of them want proof of what the bible tells them. Thirdly there are many other religions which people join such as Hindu, Muslim, Judaism and thousands of others. This gets people confused and they just chose any one at random sometimes. Fourthly, other people doubting Jesus. Because science is challenging the bible such as evolution. Science says we evolved from apes and the bible said at started off with Adam and Eve. Even though you can't be prosecuted for your beliefs in certain parts of the world there are so many conflicts between religions. So in some parts it is difficult to be a disciple. My conclusion is that I still reckon that it is easier to be a disciple today but I definitely think there would be a lot more disciples if Jesus was still around. ...read more.

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