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'Is it possible to be a true disciple of Jesus today.'

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RE Coursework 'Is it possible to be a true disciple of Jesus today.' Being a disciple requires many things from you, some you may like, some you may hate. Many people around the world find it hard, some different. The first 12 disciples of Jesus had to make sacrifices as soon as Jesus called them. Such as leaving their families, friends and possessions. Imagine someone telling you to follow them leaving everything behind. Now, if that was me I would probably just laugh at them and walk off. But I guess the way society has changed over the many years makes a difference on what sacrifices we would make today. In the Gospel, Jesus said to the rich man 'to receive eternal life in heaven, you must sell all your possessions and that money to the poor'. ...read more.


I'm not saying go and give everything you completely have but by not doing this we should give what we can, by giving to charity. Or if you don't have anything to give you can give your time by doing volunteer work or something to help those less fortunate. Basically putting others needs before your own, that's what a true disciple would do. Just like Mother Teresa did, all her life she dedicated to the will of God. Right now your probably thinking I could never do that, but yes you can. Mother Teresa had less than me and you, she only had three saris. It doesn't matter if you have little, for it's not how much we do, but how much love we put in doing, Mother Teresa once said. ...read more.


Dr Martin Luther King was the leader of the American Civil Rights leader and believed in non- violence. Unfortunately, because of this he was assassinated. Other hardships you might face if you were a disciple as well as persecution are humiliation, mockery and temptation and many others. In conclusion I know it is possible to be a true disciple. If we were to put all of these hardships aside and focus on being a true disciple we would end up like prime examples of Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Priests and Bishops etc. Even the first disciples made mistakes and had many weaknesses that made them something great. It won't be an easy trip but just be prepared at what life throws at you because in return you'll get something much greater than you can ever imagine. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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