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Is the Cosmological Argument a good argument?

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Is the Cosmological Argument a good argument? The cosmological argument is the way Thomas Aquinas proved the existence of God. He said that everything that is was caused by something before it. He also said that common sense shows that no object can create itself; some previous object would have had to create it. Aquinas believed that this string of cause and effect could not have gone on forever, and that there must be a First Cause, much like dominoes. But, the only problem with this was that this First Cause would have had to be uncaused, and therefore, is God, as God is uncaused. There are some strengths in this case, which sways people to believe in this argument. ...read more.


Another weakness is the fact that if God is self-explanatory, then the universe could also be self-explanatory. If it is possible for God to be a brute face, then it is also possible for the universe to just 'be'. There are many philosophers who have said that the universe just exists, or that the universe created itself, and Aquinas said that God just exists or that God created itself (depending on the interpretation), so couldn't it be possible for Aquinas's God and the universe to be one and the same? This argument technically states that 'something' created the universe, but that does not necessarily mean the God theists believe in created the world. ...read more.


Also, Aquinas exhibited a giant leap of faith when he said that God created the world, when all he technically proved was that 'something' created the world. I do not agree with this because, to make me believe in this argument, I need hard facts, not leaps of faith. Even though I acknowledge the fact that there are some aspects of this argument that are true and do have hard evidence, such as the fact that everything was caused by something else, I can also see that I would need more evidence to put my faith fully into what Thomas Aquinas said. Therefore, in answer to the question originally posed at the beginning of this essay, I do not believe this argument is a good argument as it is contradictory, it has most of its proof in faith than fact, and it was not made with an open mind. ...read more.

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