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Is the Devil a fictional character?

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RS: Devil Assessment The Devil in the bible is a very debatable subject, and over the years has caused a lot of controversy. Focusing on the Temptations of Jesus, there are a number of different viewpoints towards the devil. In Matthew 4:1-11, it says that Jesus was lead into the desert for 40 days and nights by the Holy Spirit, who had just come down unto him in his previous baptising, fasted and was tempted thrice by the devil. Once, by telling him to feed the poor by turning stones into loaves of bread, second by daring him to jump off a pinnacle of a temple, and if he really truly was the Son of God he would be saved from death by angels. ...read more.


Christians could argue that this sentence is just symbolic, and that the Devil just spoke these words to Jesus and it was just to symbolise the devil's evil power losing to the strength of Jesus. This is why Jesus went into the wilderness in the first place, to prove he was both fully god, and fully human. The Devil is an interesting character in this chapter of the bible. This story can help Christians resist temptations because it shows that their greatest Messiah can resist the greatest of sins placed before him by Satan, and as Christians are aspiring to be like him, as in the eyes of Christians, he lived a perfect life, it is a good moral story for them. ...read more.


I believe the devil isn't a fictional character because in Matthew 4:1-11 it shows that Jesus was tempted and he resisted, and to me this must have been true because I am a Christian and I believe Jesus died on the cross, and if he had fallen for the temptations he would have failed the human race, meaning that we wouldn't have been saved from our sins. Jesus did die on the cross, and there is historical proof, so therefore I do believe the devil is a fictional character. However, being a liberal Christian, I believe the devil is more symbolic, and isn't a physical person, but more of a presence that is always there, like God. It is he who tempts us to sin, but God who forgives when we fall, unlike Jesus, the man who never sinned. ...read more.

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