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It is debated whether it is possible for Christians today to be true disciples.

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A03 It is debated whether it is possible for Christians today to be true disciples. In order to investigate this, I must investigate the meaning of discipleship, and what it means for us in the modern world. If discipleship demanded perfection, it would be practically impossible, as nobody is perfect, and as humans, it is in our nature to make mistakes. As humans, I think that our will is too weak to resist temptation, and it is therefore impossible to be a complete saint. Keeping this in mind, some would ask whether it is possible to be a true disciple. However, I think that we must remember that the twelve disciples were not perfect. There were many occasions when the apostles failed to recognise Jesus' identity and denied him; when Peter denied knowing him, and when Judas betrayed him. But in order to be a disciple, we must try our best and never give up hope in God. It is argued whether in this modern world we can be a true disciple, but I believe it is still possible if one is fully committed to their faith, and is willing to sacrifice their time for God. ...read more.


But when it comes to Jesus' sayings, they are not to be taken literally. James and John had to deny their selves by leaving their father Zebedee when called by Jesus. Another example of true discipleship could be the Widow at the Treasury. She had little, but she put what she needed in. She made a true sacrifice by giving all she had to God. There are many people who dedicate their lives to doing well in today's community. I think that it must, therefore, be possible to be a true disciple, just by finding the time to do good, and by making an effort to help others in a position of weakness. It is my view that a true Christian disciple would take the form of regularly attending church, participating in the sacraments, reconciliation for example, and caring for others at all times. Helping others, charity, standing up for what is right, forgiving, seeking good in all, and happiness are all factors for being a Christian disciple. I think that perfection isn't necessary; nobody should try and live a "perfect" life. Everybody makes mistakes, it is part of life, but nothing in particular "qualifies" anybody to be a Christian disciple. ...read more.


We are not always called on to bear suffering, rejection and death in our discipleship, the main costs for everyday Christians would simply be lost time, but society today expects an immediate reward in return for our work, and discipleship may not offer an immediate reward. Many Christians today are not as determined, dedicated and committed enough to live out their discipleship. However, even with this in mind, thousands of Christians have died as martyrs for their faith. Many of them in the political struggles of South Africa, in the missionary work in Africa, and are still persecuted in many communist countries today. There are also many Christians who choose to live out their discipleship by helping others. They give up their lives to lessen the suffering of people less well off than ourselves, which I believe is the meaning of a true disciple. In conclusion, I would say that it is possible to be a true disciple in the modern day. Discipleship today is not the same as to what the first disciples had to follow, but the same principles are involved, love, faith, care, willingness, commitment. Understanding is vital too, and even though the first disciples didn't may have failed at some aspects of this, we can lean from their mistakes and understand and follow Jesus' teachings. ...read more.

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