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It is not possible to be a disciple today in the way Jesus intended.doc

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"It is not possible to be a disciple today in the way Jesus intended." Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer showing that you have considered more then one point of view. I would agree with this statement because there are a lot of distractions that restrict people from performing the way Jesus had intended. One of the biggest causes is that most people are too selfish to give up the good things in life and are reluctant to make sacrifices. Also a lot of people in society have stopped believing in religion which makes it harder for others to preach because there are a\always those who won't believe them. Another reason that it's hard to preach to people is that they hardly ever go to church anymore. Some young people go to church because they have either been forced to go by members of their family or else they go due to habit. Going to church may make some people feel uncool as their peers may laugh at them. ...read more.


As the leader of the worlds Catholics he is called out to speak out in the name of peace. The influence of peers often lead young people to do things which they know are wrong and would not normally do, But because of peer pressure young people now days often just give into their peers, knowing that they are letting God down. There is just so much evil in the world that people do not know how to go about their religion and they wonder who they can trust. People are even afraid to practice their religion due to fear of being attacked by people who do not support the teachings of their religion. On the other hand there are also a lot of good things happening in the world, Such as the Missionaries in the third world who give up their whole lives to look after other people. They work in very dangerous conditions but still are prepared to risk it and to leave all behind to help other people and follow what Jesus taught. ...read more.


Before his presidency he was a prominent anti-apartheid activist who, while imprisoned for 27 years, was involved in the planning of underground armed resistance (terrorist) activities. Nelson Mandela was prepared to die for his rights and to speak up for everyone else who were too afraid to speak up. He achieved in getting black people equal rights. Veronica Guerin: was an Irish journalist who was murdered in 1996 by Irish drug dealers. She knew that there where people out there who were making money from selling and dealing drugs, but the ring leader never got caught. She tracked down one of the drug lords and when they found out she was shot. She gave up her life to try and fight for something she believed and stop profit being made from illegal transactions that affect other people greatly. In conclusion I believe that it is still possible to be a disiple the way jesus intended even with all the bad things that go on but people must be prepared to try and resist the modern day temptations of life, It is only the small minority who can truly do this. Religion coursework AO3 ...read more.

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