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It is not simply that there are rich and poor, it is rather that some are rich because others are poor - Kincald. Outline and discuss with a reference to a contemporary UK.

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A2 Sociology It is not simply that there are rich and poor, it is rather that some are rich because others are poor - Kincald. Outline and discuss with a reference to a contemporary UK. The are two types of poverty, there absolute poverty and the relative poverty. Poverty refers to a lack of basic requirements this was the definition of poverty in the 1960s. In the UK today poverty is defined that anyone who has an income on or below the level of supplementary benefit is seen as living in poverty. Supplementary benefit refers to cash paid to people whose income does not reach a level necessary for subsistence so people with incomes of between 100 to 140 per cent of supplementary benefit were defined as living on the margin of poverty. ...read more.


Single-parent families are also seen to be living in poverty and they are mainly headed by women. Studies have shown that about half of all old age pensioners are living in poverty. According to Marxist we need poverty to function in our society because of capitalist society, the bourgeoisies and proletarians. Marxist argues that women are over represented in the poverty sector; they are seen as the reserved army of labour. Women do poorly paid job sector leading to poverty. A proportion of women in the UK live in poverty and this is particular true with women who are heads of the household. Poverty tends to be among women with small children who need constant care. A woman can obtain a reasonable good well-paid job but may be financially crippled by having to pay on childcare. ...read more.


Weberians would argue that there is an underclass in the UK. Studies have shown that ethnic minorities form an underclass. Anthony Giddens a weberian sees an underclass as a group at the bottom of the stratification system below other classes and the group is economically deprived and lacks status. Ethnic minorities are seemed to be over-represented in the underclass because of low wages; low status jobs e.g. train drivers. They also have higher rates of unemployment because of a combination of a shortage of skills. A recent study from the Child Poverty Action Group found that people from ethnic minority groups in Britain are more likely to be in poverty. They found that 73 per cent of Bangladeshi and Pakistani children lived in income poverty and 63 per cent of Black African children and 40 per cent of Caribbean children were seen in the same position. ...read more.

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