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Life After Death

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Life After Death? Numerous people believe in life after death and a number of individuals believe they are able to remember their past lives. Titu Singh is a young boy who lives with his family in India. He thinks he can remember his past life and many aspects of it in detail. In his past life, Titu believes his name was Suresh Verma and lived in Agra. He owned a shop which sold VCR's, radios and televisions, it was called Suresh Radios. He often behaved like his biological parents were not in fact his family, at first his family refused to take him seriously, Titu's older brother travelled to Agra to confirm his brother's stories and they were accurate. ...read more.


When asked who was in the picture, Titu said it was himself. He was correct but this point can be argued. It is traditional for Hindu families to keep a photograph of deceased family members in their businesses for their blessings. This would have been obvious to Titu because many shop owners in India do this. It had been arranged for Suresh's two children to be playing with lots of other children as a test for Titu. Titu recognized them right away, singling them out from the other children. But this could be because of the fact that he had seen Uma and a picture of Suresh and could have been able to spot the resemblance. ...read more.


Then Titu's hair was shaved to reveal a birthmark, a round, indented shape which corresponded exactly with the location of the entry, but this could be coincidental, it is unlikely but not impossible for people to have a birthmark in the same place. The idea of the two people having a birthmark in the same place and it being by chance seems more logical to me then past life regression. Personally, I do not believe that Titu can remember his past life. Some facts could be coincidental or obvious, just by putting two and two together but various aspects of his story cannot be answered and genuinely seem feasible because of this. Overall I feel that many things can be learnt from this case; not least the idea of Titu. ...read more.

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