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marraige and divorce part 1

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Religion part A Today, Marriage in the Catholic society is based on ideals, which are very vital as they are to be thought about before getting married. Some couples want their relationship to speak of families as the two couples show love to each other and making their married life indiscernible, marriage is also a long lasting endurance of love. Roman Catholics believe that marriage is based on the 5 main key ideals of Sacrament, Permanent, Exclusivity, Life-giving and Based on love. In this essay I will give full expanded information about these 5 ideals and Biblical teachings on these. Marriage is a sacramental event that is shared between the two couples, as God spiritually bonds the two together, which steps up to the religious face of marriage. 'Didn't God make you one body and spirit with her? What was the purpose in this? It was that you should have children who are truly God's people. So make sure that none of your breaks his promise to his wife'. ...read more.


Marriage is permanent and in religious terms it's a long lasting contract between you, your partner and the Catholic Church, this lasts till your partner dies. ''Certainly you will understand what I am about to say, my brothers and sisters, because all of you know about law. The law rules over people as long as they live. This teaching from the Romans (7:1-3). As the passage goes on, it gives an example of a woman, if she is married to a man and has affairs with another man while he is alive, that means that she is committing adultery. But when her husband dies, the woman is allowed to marry another man by this law. Being 'fruitful' and having the potential decision of having an intercourse, and reproducing is what marriage is also about, Life- Giving is an important event as the couple, have to be open minded about the plans on having children. ''So God created human beings, making them to be like himself. ...read more.


It's also important to respect the members of your family, when you give respect to them you will always get it back, as respecting will chain onto a good relationship. Colossians 3: 20-21 says that, "Children, it is your duty to obey your parents always, for that is what pleases God". This suggests that the children of Gods are the ones who respect their parents. And also "Parents, do not irritate your children, or they will become discouraged. This tells you that parents should also be aware that if they don't treat their children the right way, nothing won't go the right way, in a way where they fully lose their parent's respect and will go out of control. What I believe in, is without love, there is nothing between a married man and woman, it will also prevent some of the ideals, so with love any couple can maintain their love throughout their lives, Also for the families, they should all love, respect, and care for each other, to have a happy life all together. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anton Rajasooriya R.E Coursework (Part A) Candidate no: 8192 11 More ...read more.

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