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Marriage a Christian view

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Marriage 1. Sexual relationships are important in Christianity because one of the sole purposes in life is to have babies and to populate the earth. However, sexual intercourse is not permitted outside of marriage in the Christian Church. Sexual intercourse must take place within a marriage because this shows that they have self-control and sexual restraint. A Christian marriage is built on breaking celibacy and having sexual relations, which lead to the birth of children. "Be fruitful and increase in number... fill the earth." Genesis 1:28. This shows that God wanted people to have sexual intercourse in order to continue the job that he started and populate the earth. However, many Christians think that waiting until marriage before sex, celibacy, is too much to ask of in this time were sex is mentioned frequently in everyday life. Personally, I think that moral principles never change and so what was believed in the time of Christ should still be believed today. Racism is not seen as right because Martin Luther King has died, just because someone is deceased does not mean that what they fought for in their lives can be forgotten. In addition, if Jesus still walked the earth preaching, all Christians would be Orthodox and stay true to the content of the Bible, and celibacy would be kept until marriage. ...read more.


The biggest sin that can be made in a sexual relationship, marriage, is adultery because it breaks the wedding vows made, in front of God, to one and another. The main reason why it is the worst sin made in a sexual relationship is that it breaks the seventh commandment; "You shall not commit adultery" Exodus 20:14 By breaking this commandment, you are breaking one of only ten things that God asked of us in return for our lives. That is why for many people and me adultery is the worst sin committable in a marriage. 2. A Christian marriage is a life long union. It is a solemn contract between two people involving commitment and responsibility that reflects Gods love. Christian teachings state that the purpose of marriage is for two people to offer mutual support and to have children. If some one does not think that marriage is for them, they must remain celibate. In a Christian marriage, one of the main purposes is to have children, as illustrated by; "Be fruitful and increase in number... fill the earth." Genesis 1:28. This forces Christian spouses to make a serious decision, as they are not allowed to use contraception or have an abortion, they must decide whether or not they are ready to break celibacy or not and commit to life with a child. ...read more.


By copying these people they are being idolised, therefore they are not allowed to be copied which is why just because someone else divorces doest mean it is right for you to. Personally, I do not believe that any reason for divorce being acceptable because if the marriage is not working it can be annulled made to have never been a true marriage. This is done if either partner did not consent to the marriage or did not know what it was. Alternatively, if the couple did not or could not have sex or one person did not want children. In conclusion, I can see the reasons why a divorce might be wanted, but I can justify that it should never be needed. If the two people get to know each other probably before engaging in marriage then it would defiantly be true love. However if it turned out not to be true love, or one of them did not understand, the marriage can be annulled. Overall, I do not believe in the statement because religion cannot be simply changed, you either live by the Bible or not. A religion does not and cannot change because people change. This is why I do not believe in the statement. ...read more.

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