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Marriage and the family

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Define Promiscuity: Promiscuity is when someone has sex without commitment, and is often referred to as casual sex. The bible calls it fornication, and is frowned upon in most religions because they regard marriage as holy, and believe that sex should only be performed inside marriage. Outline Christian attitudes towards divorce: There are many different attitudes among Christians towards divorce. Nearly all Christians believe that divorce is wrong as they believe that the couple made their marriage vows in front of God and therefore they should stay together until one of them dies. However most Protestant and Orthodox churches do allow divorce and remarriage. They claim that in Matthew 19:9, Jesus allowed divorce and that it is therefore acceptable. They also say that because Christianity is about the forgiveness of sins, they should be allowed their mistakes to be forgiven, i.e. they can divorce and undo the mistake of marriage and then remarry as long as they repent. Roman Catholic churches do not accept divorce under any circumstances. Although a Roman Catholic may receive a legal divorce, the Roman Catholic Church will not accept this and will still see them as married. ...read more.


They believe that sex should be restricted to marriage because they believe marriage to be holy, and that sex is a privilege to only be enjoyed within marriage. The Hebrew word for marriage is 'kiddushin' which means 'made holy.' They believe that having sex outside of marriage is sinning against God because they are breaking the vows they made during marriage. They believe that pre-marital sex is wrong, because they believe that children should only be brought up in family units, and that parents should be married before having children. This is so that the children are raised with as much love and support as possible. In a single parent family, it is much more difficult to support a child's learning and growing up, but Judaism sees marriage as a partnership of love and therefore the parents can equally support their children. Adultery is considered to be a great sin because one of the 10 commandments is "do not commit adultery" and Jews follow the words of God. The 10 commandments are central to Judaism, and without them the religion would fall apart so it's extremely important that Jews respect this and follow this commandments. ...read more.


This is because by living together, couples can develop their relationship and decide if it's right to get married or not. They consider it to be the lesser evil for a man and woman to live with each other and then get married than to first start living with each other when they get married, discover they cannot stand living with one another and then divorce. In my opinion, it's acceptable for a couple to live with each other before being married. I think that it's important that they know what living together is like before making the ultimate commitment of marriage. If a couple only start living together after getting married, they can discover things they strongly dislike or even hate about their partner, for example if one of them has habits that the other cannot stand. However if they move in together before getting married, they know what living together is like and therefore know if they are ready to commit themselves to one another for the rest of their lives. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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