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Miracles essay.

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Mark Smith Miracles essay 1. R.F. Holland believed a miracle to be a remarkable and beneficial coincidence interpreted with religious and spiritual meaning. When someone tells of a miracle that has taken place they are usually beneficial and awe inspiring. For example if a person who was told under the rules of science that it would be impossible for the person walk again but the person manages miraculously stands up and walks then this would be seen as remarkable and beneficial. Holland also said that a miracle is a coincidence interpreted with religious and spiritual meaning. Miracles are often associated with religion. Holland illustrates his coincidence conception of miracle in the following example: 'A child riding his toy motor-car strays on to an unguarded railway crossing near his house and a wheel of his car gets stuck down the side of one of the rails. An express train is due to pass with the signals in its favour and a curve in the track makes it impossible for the driver to stop his train in time to avoid any obstruction he might encounter on the crossing. The mother coming out of the house to look for her child sees him on the crossing and hears the train approaching, the little boy remains seated his car looking downward, engrossed in the task of pedalling it free. ...read more.


Also God could use miracles for a greater number of people rather then now and again miracles for just one or a group of people. What about negative supernatural events or neutral events if all this power is supposedly meant to come from God. If God could intervene in such a way as Mary and the virgin birth then why can't he intervene in other things? The concept of a miracle is exciting and people are likely to suspend their disbelief to be caught up in the excitement rather then judge their experience on proper evidence. However organisations such as the Roman Catholic Church have much to lose if they get swept up in excitement. They seek to differentiate between genuinely miraculous and unusual events people claim to be miraculous. Hume stated that miracles are largely the preserve of ignorant and barbarous nations. However many miracles have been claimed in all countries. Miracle claims abound in all the religions: they cancel one another out as they can't all be true. Miracles from opposing religions do not necessarily undermine one another. Swinburne answered this by saying that God is behind all religions. Bultmann said 'no one who presses an electric light switch can believe in miracles. ...read more.


In the Bible, God lies behind everything. Swinburne also argues that miracles are possible as the existence of God has not been disproved. While Swinburne accepts that a modern understanding of science makes a violation of the law of nature impossible ( the law would simply be adjusted to fit the new 'miraculous' happening) he says 'We have to some extent good evidence about what are the laws of nature, and some of them are so well established and account for so much that any modification of them which would suggest to account for the odd counter instance would be so clumsy and ad hoc as to upset the whole structure of science.' tTe laws of nature are able to give a generally accurate picture of how the natural world functions. Therefore it is reasonable to consider an event such as the Resurrection as miraculous, and to re write the laws of nature to include such an exceptional event would upset the whole basis of science (with its emphasis on predictability). Other points are that sceptics are unable to disprove and explain some miracles. There is biblical support for miracles such as the resurrection of Jesus. People have selective scepticism such as UFO's and crop circles. To dismiss all miracle accounts without weighing evidence in each case is arrogance. ...read more.

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