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No-one has the right to take another human beings life. Do you agree or disagree? Show that you have looked at more than one point of view.

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Q.2: No-one has the right to take another human beings life. Do you agree or disagree? Show that you have looked at more than one point of view. Across the world there are many different laws dealing with the taking of another human's life. For instance powerful nations like America, China and Turkey all frequently impose the death penalty. The later two countries are condemned for this. No western governments speak out against America because of the U.S economic influence on us in Europe. Citizens of these countries tend to agree with these laws although their faiths are against it. The Christian churches worldwide teach that it is never acceptable to take another person's life in the following essay I will try to argue both points of view. As a Christian I primarily agree with the teaching of my faith, that it is never right to take another human's life although at time there can be adverse circumstances. ...read more.


Scientists argue that the unborn foetus does not experience any pain. This argument is strongly counter-argued by many other scientists and anti-abortion people. I strongly feel that it is inhuman to put an innocent and unprotected 'child' through any sort of pain unless it is totally necessary for the health of the mother or the baby. Doctors have a quite high success rate at finding diseases in unborn children or possible difficulties for mother or child during pregnancy. At times it can be shown that it is likely that either the mother or child will die during birth or one will be incapable of living a 'fulfilled' life. It is hard to argue with a mother's decision to have an abortion in any of these instances all we can do is offer advice although I maintain my pro-life stance. We must also think about the mental health of both mother and child. It may be found that the unborn child is mentally handicapped. ...read more.


I have heard the argument that the government does not wish to pay for a child's education and do not wish to lose the men and women they have already educated and skilled. This is an extraordinary argument but could prove to be valid. In some countries euthanasia and assisted euthanasia has been legalised although it tends to undergo strict government control, one West European country that has legalised euthanasia is Holland and has received extremely little foreign criticism. One of the main arguments against legalised euthanasia is that it may get out of control; it would be very hard and expensive for the government to decide on who qualifies for euthanasia and who doesn't. My own opinion is that a person should be allowed to die a dignified death but this is not the teaching of the Christian Churches they seem sure that it is never right to take another human's life. I find it impossible to form an opinion on whether euthanasia is right or wrong. But I do believe strongly that it isn't right to take another human's life whether it be war, abortion or euthanasia. ...read more.

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