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Outline Christian teaching on wealth and poverty. (Write about 300words)

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Outline Christian teaching on wealth and poverty. (Write about 300words) Christians believe that poverty is wrong and everyone (rich people, people living in poverty) should have just the same, houses, water, and food. Christians believe that poverty is wrong and the people who are in poverty is wrong and the people who are in poverty should have the same as richer people than themselves and everyone should treat our neighbors as ourselves. Some people don't really care about the poor they just care about themselves and the people who do care help the poor they give money, make shoe boxes. To them less fortunate than themselves it is better to give someone something than not giving them nothing at all. ...read more.


the poor and won't give any money to help them buy food, water or homes .The good Samaritan you should be more like the Samaritan who helps the Jew even though Samaritans and Jews didn't get on then he still helped the Jew lying on the floor he helped him up and cleaned and bandaged his wounds up he then put him on his donkey and took him to an inn he then told the innkeeper what had happened and what he had done he then give the innkeeper some money to take care of the man till he got back that is someone who helps people who are in poverty like in the parable first a religious man walks past him but he is too busy to stop and ...read more.


Some Christians don't believe it is wrong to be wealthy because you have earned that money although other people don't earn as much as others you should think of others and not just yourself and praise it you should share your money with people who are in poverty and who are poor which your money could help save lives and gives people food, water and homes they could learn to grow crops which would give them food so they wouldn't starve to death make a water pump with fresh water in that could be put into there village and there could be homes built instead of people sleeping outside so sharing your money can do alloy of things to help people who are in poverty getting out of it. Jennifer Walsh Jennifer Walsh ...read more.

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