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Outline the teaching about the kingdom of god in the parables of Marks gospel.

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4/6/04 Parables of the Kingdom- RE Coursework Outline the teaching about the kingdom of god in the parables of Marks gospel. To answer this question I will study four parables from marks gospel. The four parables are; * The sower, * The seed (growing secretly), * The lamp, * The mustard seed The Sower In this parable the parable of the sower is a parable of which Jesus relates to the Kingdom of God as if it were a seed. He says that some people are like seeds that all fall along the path to which they wont grow but be taken away by satin. These are the people that chose not to listen to God. Other seeds are scattered fall on rocky ground, these are the people who receive the message of God gladly however it does not sink in deep enough and does not last long. Other seeds fall in thorn bushes, these are the people who hear the message, but worry about life, and become suffocated by desire. The other seeds fall in good soil and these are the people who hear the message and accept it. Jesus relates us to the soil in which the seed grows however this parable explains how it might be difficult for different people as it is a challenge to become good enough soil for the kingdom of god to grow up and flourish in. ...read more.


We can also interpret from this that the prophets are the servants of which were killed by the tenants. This is a very complex and confusing allegory, which teaches us about the kingdom of god and how God and his people are attacked on their own land. To conclude the parable of the mustard seed is a simple story related to life compared to the wicked tenant, which is a complicated coded allegory. There is a strong difference between the two and they really both portray the same that evil people try to attack God on his on Land. Explain the use of parables in Marks gospel Mark uses parables to get a simple point across and to teach and guide people with a simple story and parables are also used so that people do not always understand the true meaning of something. A parable that will help me to answer this question is a parable that Jesus used to teach his disciples about the meaning of parables. Jesus said in this parable ' To you the secret of the kingdom of god has been given; but to those outside everything comes by way of parables, so that they may look and look, but see nothing; they may hear and hear but understand nothing; otherwise they might turn to God and be forgiven.' ...read more.


Another Christian belief is that the church is god's kingdom on earth as we live by Gods Ten Commandments. But there are also those that argue that as God created the world and is active in it is the kingdom. However there is also evidence to prove that this statement is correct as Jesus did get rid of suffering whilst on Earth, there are still many that suffer today. Or maybe this can be interpreted that Jesus did what he could and that as humans had the free will they chose to sin rather than listen to him so maybe that's why the kingdom of god is not here and maybe when we sort our selves out the kingdom of God will truly be on Earth. To conclude I agree with the statement because some of Jesus teachings suggest that the kingdom of god is eternal life. My theory is supported in marks gospel when Jesus says ' I tell you I will never again drink this wine until the day I drink the new wine in the kingdom of god'. I think that many people like to think that when they die they receive eternal life in the kingdom of god and that is why I agree with the statement. Mathew Atkinson 10B Pg1 of 5 Mathew Atkinson 10B Pg1 of 5 ...read more.

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