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Persecution under Nero

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Persecution under Nero Nero was an emperor who was afraid of his people. Nero was getting out of control of his army he was unable to control his army and keep them in his power. Nero discovered that he was loosing his power so he became a cruel man in his later life. Nero murdered, torture and even imprison his relative and people he called friends. Nero tried everything to impress the people, Nero Built the finesse palaces and arenas. It is said that Nero was the cause of the great fire which had broke out in Rome in A.D.64; this would give the opportunity for Nero to start his building plans. This fire had to be blamed on someone and therefore Nero had accused the Christians for his mistake. This made the Roman people glad because they used this excuse to blame the Christians and vent their anger and hatred upon them. Romans dislike things that they did not know much about this was the reason for such hatred for the Christians. The Romans often fear and hate what they did not understand. The Romans could not understand why Christians worship in secret and worship a God that they have never seen. The Romans never understood why Christians would eat and drink wine, Romans thought this was a special ritual. ...read more.


Also another quote from the marks gospel that supports my theory is "I t was towards evening when Joseph of Arimathea arrived. He was a respected member of the council, who was waiting for the coming of the kingdom of god. It was preparation day (that is the day before the Sabbath). This quote proves that Mark would not need to explain the Jewish custom or Sabbath day unless you didn't understand it. This explain the statement "how we know that Marks Gospel was written for non-Jews (gentiles) this is because Mark has written about Pharisees and Jews life and how they lived, the quotes support this statement as why would someone write about for Jews if they already knew how there traditional customs A(iii) The statement "Jesus' life and death helps Christians today when they are being persecuted". I may not agree with this statement but others might. Jesus suffered for us and was crucified. As Jesus was crucified he says "Can you drink the cup of the suffering that I must drink? Can you be baptized in the way I must be baptized?' Jesus is trying to say that we should suffer for the kingdom to come, and even though Jesus was God son, it is said that Jesus was afraid of death. ...read more.


He stood up for his rights and try to change the way they were treated, family's were shot and killed for being Christians and tortured. Oscar Romero was shot in a church in1980. People say that there so much wrong in the world, why should sacrifice themselves, when it wont make any difference in the world. Some people think that standing up will not change anything but examples like Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and Oscar Romero prove that standing up changes everything. Some people pray instead of risking there life's and bringing problems to there family and friends, people like nuns and a part of the Christian community are afraid because they find it hard to accept life after death. Some people also find it hard to believe that there is life after death this may worry them and prefer not to choose the path as Jesus did. Many Christian put themselves out for others, yet still live happy lives, e.g. Sister Mary who lived her life serving God, by helping people around the world even though she was helping others she lived and died being a Christian. Jesus was certain about life after death, but this is difficult for an ordinary person to believe at times, this may be because people have never experienced this or have lived to tell. ...read more.

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