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Personal Experience

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Personal Experience Almost eight years ago a brief acquaintance died. She was not very close to me, seven years my elder and I regrettably never got to know her well. My daily routine was despondently monotonous. Each day I would wake up, go to school, then to mosque - the place of worship in the Islamic religion - and return home extremely exhausted. School was, contradictory to popular opinion, enjoyable. I was able to socialise. Mosque, on the other hand was a very different situation. In the beginning, it was very lacklustre, as I did not identify with anyone there. In addition, I had no motivation and no sense of aspiration. The teacher, or "molvee" as is known by our religion, was somewhat austere. She had certain principles, which we were required to abide by. Her worldviews were to some extent unconventional and rare. Her two sons and daughters would also attend mosque. The boys were my age and fairly out-going. ...read more.


I remember her not being able to speak as the infection had spread from her knee to the rest of her body. It was only time before it spread to her brain. One memory I will never forget was when I was colouring with crayons on the next bed and she wanted to tell me something. She signalled for the crayon; as she was not able to speak, she had to write everything. Accordingly, I held out the crayon for her to reach out and take, however I had utterly forgotten that she could not raise her arms. I felt so upset. At a time of such anguish and distress, I had shown utter inattentiveness and insensitivity. I now realise that it was naivety. I was only a child. Strangely that is the one clear memory I have of the entire period. She also liked listening to Radio Lollipop, the hospital's resident radio station. It is peculiar that I remember the little things. ...read more.


I see how much sadness and loss the family has suffered and wish that no one would have to go through anything close to it. My perception of the world and the way you have to live has also changed. My somewhat disillusioned worldview has dramatically altered. When you are young you feel and believe that the world is all-good and there is nothing that can hurt you. To learn of someone's death and one so close, shatters all those childish illusions and ideas. It forces you to grow up. Grow up faster and earlier than you might be prepared. You have to face that the world is not a safe place and you have to be very careful. She died at such a young age. For a while I could not comprehend how someone could die so early in their life. She had not even experienced her life to its full. I have begun thinking about how I live and how I do not want to miss anything. I believe you should take full advantage of lives potential, enjoy every moment, and never pass up an opportunity to try something new, exciting or even dangerous. ...read more.

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