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Persuasive Essay Against Capital Punishment

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Melanie AZ Morales Robson Summer Examinations 2004 English Coursework 741 words Persuasive Essay Against Capital Punishment "Kill. (Verb) To make someone or something die." Does anyone really think they have the right to take another person's life? Apparently yes. Perhaps we should give the judge a knife and tell her that if she has decided that the accused is guilty, she should stab him herself. Perhaps then she would hesitate. But if many people (hundreds or thousands who operate the judicial system) are involved, it spreads, or even divides the feeling of culpability among many. They may feel less guilty, especially if they believe that they are representing the whole society of their country. What makes it seem more "humane" is the official perspective of it. Death here is a matter of paperwork, not actually a case of ending someone's life. ...read more.


If it is pre-meditated murder then I believe that, as the murderer has planned the murder beforehand, it must be something that they find they are compelled to do, and do not believe that they will be caught. Another reason which people give in support of capital punishment is that with a life sentence you have to feed the criminals for years and years, but if you "terminate" their life earlier, then the government will be saving on the costs of having to support them for ever. This is actually not true at all. The court appeals involved in the death penalty turn into a long, drawn-out and very expensive process. A quote I found states, "Add up criminal justice process expenses, trial court costs, appellate and Melanie AZ Morales Robson Summer Examinations 2004 English Coursework post-conviction costs, and prison costs, including years served on death row in awaiting execution. ...read more.


They have little incentive to fight for the case when their salary may be under �4 an hour. Finally, who are we to play with the lives of other people? Each person is just one life - how can one life be allowed to designate when the other must finish? Man is man, not God. Only God should have a divine right over a man's life. Man is equal to man, and for him to take on the role of a superior being can only cause chaos. I believe that it is the duty of a system of justice to protect society from criminals, either by psychological rehabilitation or by imprisoning them for life if necessary; not by murdering them. Capital punishment is used to condemn the guilty of severe crimes. This means: to teach a criminal how to be humane, they must be killed inhumanely. Does this seem logical? ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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