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Places of pilgrimage tend to be very commercialised these days. This is bound to reduce the value of a pilgrimage for a Christian. Do you agree? Show that you have considered more than one point of view.

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Question 3 Places of pilgrimage tend to be very commercialised these days. This is bound to reduce the value of a pilgrimage for a Christian. Do you agree? Show that you have considered more than one point of view. Pilgrimage is important to Christians because it helps them to develop their spirituality and become closer to God. It is also important to Christians because they believe a pilgrimage may help them to get out of purgatory quicker. Those who agree with this statement might argue that commercialism of places of pilgrimage will attract non-serious pilgrims. Inevitably, a place of pilgrimage would become overcrowded, causing some serious problems. Serious pilgrims, who have travelled from around the world, may become distracted by the activities of tourists that are not on a specific pilgrimage. A common example of this is, that when a small prayer or mass is taking place at the foot of a statue, a tourist may just walk in front of the group to take photographs without any regard for those who are in prayer. ...read more.


This would harm the reputation of a place of pilgrimage, and true Christians may feel discouraged about going to that place of pilgrimage in the search for spiritual fulfilment. Those who agree that places of pilgrimage are very commercialised will argue that, as time has gone on, it has become increasingly easier to find ways of travelling to places of pilgrimage. For example, Lourdes has many more shops, and travel agents have been gradually increasing the amount of trips there. Taiz´┐Ż has also grown massively over the years. It started as a small community over 60 years ago, but now, it has thousands of people per week during the summer time. Those who disagree with the statement will argue that any profit from commercialism could be reinvested into the place of pilgrimage. This money could be used to maintain the quality of the environment. This money could also be used to provide special facilities for those people who might need them. Commercialism may encourage Christians who had not previously considered pilgrimage to take on spiritual journey. ...read more.


An example of this is that when you visit Lourdes, you can buy small bottles that are the shape of the Virgin Mary. Having considered both sides of the argument, I agree that places of pilgrimage tend to be very commercialised, but I don't agree that this should reduce the value of pilgrimage to a Christian. I think that places of pilgrimage are more commercialised because it is much easier to locate, and travel to a place of pilgrimage than it has been in past times. Also, there are significant growths in towns and cities surrounding places of pilgrimage. This suggests that more people are visiting these places. I disagree that commercialism reduces the value of a pilgrimage for a Christian because those people who go on a pilgrimage are serious and will acknowledge the fact that there may be some distractions, and they should focus on the true meaning of the spiritual journey that they have taken. I also believe that people would not put the time and effort into a journey as intense as a pilgrimage if they thought there would be no significant increase in their spiritual growth and development as a Christian in today's world. Daniel Burgess R.E Coursework ...read more.

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