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Places of worship.

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Steven Leech Plessington Catholic high School 34725 In this essay I am writing about two buildings, these buildings are a Roman Catholic Church and a Methodist Church. There is a major difference between these two Christian denominations. In a Roman Catholic church the focal point is the altar which is used for the consecrating and breaking of the bread and where the gospel is kept, near here is were the tabernacle is and the sanctuary lamp. The tabernacle is a cupboard with a cloth kept over it were the bread is kept. The sanctuary lamp is placed next to the tabernacle when it is lit it shows that the consecrated bread is present, which Roman Catholics believe to be the body of Christ. ...read more.


However, in a Methodist church the communion table has a cross and flowers placed on it and is much smaller and less noticeable, it is usually positioned in the centre or just to the left of the altar. The pulpit is different in both churches in a Roman Catholic church the pulpit is located at the left of the altar and isn't seen as important as the Methodists see it. The pulpit in a Methodist church id the focal point, this is because it is positioned at the front and is raised above the congregation to show that God's word is very important. It is used for the gospel readings and where the priest stands. ...read more.


Regardless of that, in a Roman Catholic Church there are other distinctive features. For instance the confessionals, Stations of the Cross, lectern and the crucifix. The confessionals show the importance of the sacraments in a Roman Catholic worship. Stations of the Cross are 14 images showing Jesus journey to his death. The lectern is a stand on which the gospel is placed. The crucifix is a reminder of how Jesus died to take away our sins. It has a figure of Jesus unlike the Methodist churches cross. However, the Methodist Church has its own distinctive features. The organ and choir stalls and the cross. The organ and coir stalls play music for the congregation to sing to hymns. The cross is placed on the communion table and or on the wall, it is a reminder of he resurrection of Christ ...read more.

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