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Poverty exists all over the world. Some countries suffer more than others.

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Poverty exists all over the world. Some countries suffer more than others. The world can be split up into two major parts: Developed countries - sometimes called the 'First World Countries'. These countries enjoy a high standard of living. Some of these countries include North America, Western Europe and Australia. Developing countries - or the 'Third World Countries'. These do not have all the luxuries or the pleasures of first world countries. These include Somalia, Bangladesh, Peru and Columbia. Even developed countries such as Britain are divided into Rich and poor parts. The Northern parts of Britain are considered to be the poorer parts and the Southern parts to be richer and this is known as 'Relative Poverty'. ...read more.


Also large amounts of the population of developing are illiterate and uneducated. There is a link between the poverty and the illiteracy as those who are illiterate (850,000,000) today cannot find their way out of the poverty trap. There is also a high level of disease and illnesses going around the developing countries so life for people is tough. If they survive the terrors of childhood then they discover their lifestyle leaves them open to many diseases and sicknesses. It is said that 25% of the world population (1,500,000,000 people) cannot access clean water and the nearest doctor or clinic is often miles away and which takes some days to walk. All this is referred to as 'Absolute Poverty'. ...read more.


Less developed countries also suffer from wars between countries like Ethiopia and Somalia, Afghanistan and Russia and from wars caused by political differences and corruption like Mozambique, Angola and Guatemala. There is also a lack of development because of natural disasters and debt. Many of the Less Developed Country are situated where nasty disasters such as earthquakes, floods, droughts and famine are more frequent than and more severe than anywhere else in the world and they usually destroy many thousands of homes and crops. It is because of this that many Less Developed Country have to borrow money from the banks of Developed countries to survive and develop. But the banks charge interest and the less developed countries end up trying to pay more in interest than they earn in foreign currency. ...read more.

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