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Prayer and worship.

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Prayer and worship For every religion there is a form of worship or prayer. As a Christian, payer is a practice used to communicate with God, close friends of Jesus or Mary especially as we have the Hale Mary prayer. In the Catholic religion it seems that everyone prays the same way, this is done by putting your hand together, shutting your eyes and kneeling down sometimes on a special cushion in churches as we say a prayer. But what is prayer? It is a form of communication with God and a very important part of a Christian's life, the first prayer was the Lords prayer that he told the disciples. ...read more.


There are no set times in Christian tradition however, the Monastic community have seven times set aside for prayers each day. Christians use aids to help them pray, i.e. a crucifix, statue, cross, or beads. Maybe this is to help create realism and all of the aids are symbolic for Christians. It creates realism because it personifies an object. Christians can pray anywhere at any time, normally in private, which is why a church is a good place to pray, there is privacy and symbolic features which can create the perfect atmosphere. Different religions express prayer in different ways; for example, meditation is a form of worship and confession. ...read more.


argue that they get inner messages from God's spirit or they learn by receiving an answer from the fait that will happen in the future. But the people who believe in this have dedicated their lives to the religion, and follow 'religious guidelines', so for prayer to be effective do we need to shine new light on how we live today? Some people my age think that prayer is a bit of a gimmick, and half of me would like to agree but the other half of me sees it as something to lean on, not a last resort but a option which I always need by my side. Without prayer I would feel empty and shallow. Ollie Cambridge 10y 4/20/2007 ...read more.

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