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R.E. Coursework: Last Supper

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Alvin Ramsamy R.E. Coursework: Last Supper The Last Supper The last supper was a celebration of the Passover as Jesus was Jewish, and celebrated it. To Jesus and most Jews this was the most important meal in the Jewish year. The Passover meal commemorates the Exodus; In Old Testament times Israelites were slaves in Egypt. God asked Moses to go to the Pharaoh and demand the freedom of his people, but the Pharaoh refused. To make him change his mind God sent ten plagues to Egypt. The tenth plague made the Pharaoh change his mind; it was the death of the entire first born of Egypt. Moses had told the Jews they would escape the fate of the tenth plague by performing a special ceremony, given to Moses by God. They had to kill a lamb and then sprinkle the doorposts of their houses with the lamb's blood. This was an indication to the Angel of Death, which God had sent, to 'Passover' there houses. They ate a special meal while this was happening, which consist of fresh flat bread, with roast lamb and bitter herbs. Every year to this day Jews celebrate the Passover. During the meal the father of the family explains to the youngest child, he says, on this night god saved his people and freed them from slavery. ...read more.


The Jewish festival of Passover is a great help in understanding the Christian celebration of the Eucharist. The Disciples were confused, as they didn't understand why he was saying these things, when Jesus made the accusation that one of the disciples would betray him they all said, 'you don't mean me' which meant they were unsure of there faith towards Jesus. The Last Supper was a celebration of the Passover only Jesus changed the meaning of some of the foods. Christians today have different names and meanings for the Last Supper. The different names for this celebration are Eucharist, Holy Communion, the Lords Supper and the Mass. The word Eucharist means thanksgiving. Christians give thanks, as Jesus did, for the bread and wine, and the work of mankind. This spiritual thanksgiving is much better in the Orthodox Liturgy. It gives God thanks for what he has done for his people in rescuing them from sin. Holy Communion is the sharing of bread and wine, which emphasis the Christian believing in Jesus as saviour and Lord. This service brings Christ's followers together in unity. The Lords Super is a way of saying that Christians unite and obey what Jesus said at the Last Supper. The Roman Catholic Chuch uses the name The Mass. ...read more.


This is one reason why churches can't unite. This celebration, which should have been the unifying factor within Christianity, became a matter or quarrel. The three problems that they tend to disagree on are: The interpretation of the words of Jesus, the interpretation of what happens to the bread and wine and the meaning of the service by whatever name it is called. Of course there is some agreement Christian Churches agreed that Jesus instituted the meal out the Last Supper. Also when the Church meets to celebrate the Eucharist, Jesus is present in the whole celebration, and is received by faith. That the Eucharist remembers the death and resurrection of Jesus. That the celebrating of the Eucharist is a means of communion with Jesus and each other. Also that through the Eucharist, the church looks forward to the time when Jesus will come again and establish the kingdom of God on earth. Christians hope that form these agreements, they can look for ways to unit their faith, so that one day all Christians will be able to celebrate the Eucharist is important if you are of that faith. I believe it should only be celebrated once a year, like Christmas, this would bring more importance to it as more Christians would all celebrate it on the same day. Due to different people having different beliefs there will never be one Christian united church. ...read more.

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