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r.eDescribe the main features of a specific mosque:

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Ai) Describe the main features of a specific mosque: The mosque is the Muslim place of worship along with Allah's home on earth. Muslims use the mosque to perform worship to Allah by reading the Quraan or by salah. They do this to make sure they are praying in a special place. There a variety of features inside and outside of a mosque. To recommence with the outside of the mosque has a dome, this primarily symbolises the universe which Allah created for all humans. A majority of mosques have a dome, it is there to help amplify the human's voice and enable worshippers to concentrate on their prayers as well as to hear the sermon. Most of the time the dome is wonderfully decorated both outside and inside consisting on the holly names of Allah in Arabic. ...read more.


Most Muslims more often than not have some Arabic on their walls at home to know which way direction the qiblah is. There are no signs and pictures as well as statues surrounded in every mosque mainly due to form the beginning of Islam, it is against idolatry. Instead of these there are decorative patterns and mosaic tiles and precious stones. Finally another most important part of the mosque is the washing area as it is the ideal place where men and woman wash and perform ablution before prayer. It consists on a row of taps with stools so people can wash their feet along with special toilets for cleansing the inside body. Some mosques do have a room in the washing area where they clean the dead before a funeral. ...read more.


It is usually taught in Arabic, although some kids are given the meaning in English. On Friday prayers (jummah) the leader gives the sermon in two similar parts. The first part the leader recites the quran giving the meaning and explains how every Muslim should follow the correct path the of life. Whereas the second part he leads the prayer for all the community everywhere. If certain people are not completely sure about a concept within Islam they turn to the imam to give advice and share his knowledge. The imam has to make sure that he contributes in peoples problems by helping them to follow the sharia'h (Islamic law) correctly. To bring to a close the imam of a Sunni has many important roles therefore he is highly respected for carrying out such as difficult role for everyone. However he is not ordained as a holy man but a leader in the name of Allah. ...read more.

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