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Religion and medical issues ai) There are six different infertility treatments which are able to help infertile couples have children

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Religion and medical issues ai) There are six different infertility treatments which are able to help infertile couples have children. One of the treatments used is IVF (In-vitro Fertilisation). IVF is when the woman has an egg fertiliesed outside of her body using either her husbands sperm or a donars. the egg is then replaced back into the womans womb. IVF babies are known as test tube babies because they start off in a glass which would take place in a lab. The first teast tube baby was called Louise Brown who was born in Manchester in July 1978. The second treatment is AIH (Artificial insemination by husband) AIH is similar to IVF as the males sperm is injected into the womans cliterus. AIH by law is legitamate. People who use AIH are sometimes couples who cannot conceive but the male is not completely infertile. ...read more.


Or when another woman is Artificially inseminated by th husbands sperm. People who choose to use this treatment after birth the woman will hand the baby over to the husband and wife. Alot of people see these treatments as miracle as they give them the chance to have children. in Britain now all of these treatments are been used to help infertile couples. Aii) The Christians have two different views in infertility. The Roman Catholics think god gave them life and no one has the right to have children. Even though they believe this they still feel sorry for those who can not have children. They only allow methods which do not threaten the sacredness of life and in which sex acts are banned. The reasons Christians think this is because things such as insemination or surrogacy both involve masturbation which is a sin. ...read more.


They also believe that all children should be born to married couples, making most forms of sperm/egg/embryo donation adultery and a very serious crime. Muslims also think that a child should know both of its natural parents and think that, when a child is born to a surrogate mother, it legally belongs to the surrogate mother. Muslims do not accept AID, Egg Donation or Surrogacy. However most Muslims accept IVF and AIH because Muslim families are expected to produce children to have a complete family. They are against surrogacy as the child produced still legally belongs to the woman carrying the baby. Aiii) Religious people such as most Muslims dont agree with transplant surgery because they thing that it is playing god which to them is a great sin. also the shar'ah teaches that nothing should be removed from the body after death. Although some Muslims allow Transplant surgery from close members of the family because some Muslim lawyers have aloud it and also Islam tries to do good and help people. ...read more.

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