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Religion and The Media - Describe, explain and analyse the way in which a religious issue has been dealt with in a TV soap opera.

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GCSE RE Short Course Coursework Religion and The Media (ii) The way in which a religious issue has been dealt with in a TV soap opera. In Eastenders a few years ago, there was a storyline in which Ethel Skinner asks her friend Dot Cotton to help her die, because she had cancer. Ethel was in her eighties, and Dot was around seventy. The pair were best friends and had been inseparable since the very beginning of the series. ...read more.


In Ethel's final week, a huge party was thrown, but as it continued Ethel was in pain, so Dot took her home, and told her she should take the doctors advice and go into a hospice. On hearing this, Ethel knew it was the end, and asks Dot again to help her die. Dot finally agrees, because she doesn't like to see her friend in pain, but for weeks after wrestles with a guilty conscience. ...read more.


However, it might have been over dramatised slightly for TV, because Dot probably wouldn't have agreed to kill her best friend, because she believes very strongly in her religion and takes her faith very seriously. I think this type of story could happen in real life, as euthanasia is becoming more common, and more stories covering it are featured in the news more, like the story involving Diane Pretty, so a Christian could be faced with amoral dilemma like this one. ...read more.

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