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Religion and the Media

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Religion and the Media There are many different ways in which religion and religious issues are dealt on television. Some issues are dealt with on educational programmes or documentaries with great respect and interest. Other issues can be treated as comedy and humour. Songs of Praise is a national institution in Britain, with a weekly audience of 5 million. It is one of the most popular and longest running programs on the BBC. It prides itself on being a musical celebration of life and faith in the UK today, and provides something for everyone. Each week Songs of Praise travels to a different town or county in Britain, with occasional visits overseas, presenting a colourful programme of hymns and music, local events and touching stories of belief. It features interviews with British celebrities as well as drawing on the experiences of local people. Songs of Praise broadcasts all over Europe and America and has attracted a loyal following in Australia over the years. The program has been hosted by a diverse array of British performers and presenters including, Sir Harry Secombe, David Bellamy, Jimmy Savile, and or course Pam Rhodes. This programme is shown at prime time television 11 am, Sundays BBC 1. There is a wide of worship and magazine programmes shown on terrestrial television. ...read more.


Also jewls the English girl breaks away from the stereotype she loves football something not associated with girls also she wants to wear sports cloths like a tom boy her mum finds this very bizarre. Next is the stereotype of a teenage boy jesses friends portrays this image as always playing football and messing about with there mates and girls. But again there is a twist as one of the lads turns out to be gay. A western family is also shown in the film by jewels family they are portrayed by being supportive to jewls but really the mom doesn't like her playing football she gets quite worried and upset about it, the farther clearly loves football like most male people do in a western family. The dad seems more encouraging towards jewls. They eat traditional food like fish and chips. Also jewls drinks in a pub something related to English culture. An Indian family is also stereotyped in the film jesses family is a typical Indian family, they are strict with the children even though they are quite old and they have arranged marriages, they cook and sometimes talk in traditional ways just like our view of a Indian family. ...read more.


I think it's because jess loved football and she had to hurt people to play but in the end she for filled her dream about playing football and her family eventually forgave her for playing football. And featured a moral issue when Ian and Cindy Beales marriage broke up and they fought over the custody of the children, involving kidnappings, flight to Italy and shooting by hired killers. All of this explored the issues of adultery, divorce and the way in which children can be used as pawns in battles between parents in the name of love. Religion and religious issues could be made to look a lot better and a lot more interesting if more effort would be put into them. Many religious programmes are comedies that take religious light heartedly and often make a mockery of it. The programmes are aimed at an older generation, which therefore means there is no entertainment for children. If British T.V was to include famous singers or broaden their ideas by having different type of music on 'songs of praise', then more people might tune in. Gospel music more associated with god, (has a lot of expression) but often ignored. Conclusion Religion is looked open in different ways. I do not believe that anyone can stereotype the media by saying that it only has bad views on it- or just good ones. ...read more.

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