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Religion GCSE Coursework - Discipleship

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Following Jesus today is clearly harder than it used to be, but modern day disciples clearly exist, they are Christians. Christians try to see Jesus in other people and they follow Jesus' example and teachings. An everyday Christian would try to see the good in everybody, try to forgive others when hurt or unhappy, apologize for wrong done, and stand up for what is wrong. Caring for the poor, sharing wealth, putting others before themselves and trying not to be prejudiced is all important for a Christian to live their life by. Other more religious engagements should also be kept; celebrating the Eucharist, taking marriage seriously, spending time with God and speaking with him in prayer. Some of the stories in Mark's Gospel can be used to present day realities. For example, Bill Gates, the billionaire Microsoft founder, gives one million pounds every year to charity. ...read more.


Similarities can also be seen in parables such as "The Rich Man", where a rich man has to leave his riches behind to follow Jesus and receive eternal life, and so he doesn't. Many thousands of people get together frequently to raise money for the poor, or to celebrate the achievements of the less privileged. I think that situations like this can be in some way connected to "The Feeding of the Five-Thousand", as, from very little bread and fish, there was enough to feed five thousand people. Likewise, with nothing to start with, much money, or much happiness occurs as results in my examples above. In our everyday lives as children, adults, workers and families we can, of course, communicate with God; we can listen and respond to the call of Jesus even today. Through church, prayer and by fulfilling the sacraments we can be at one with God at any time. ...read more.


To "take up and carry the cross" you need to live your life according to God and treat him as another human being, as a companion. To be a modern day disciple, you need to, as the first disciples did, suffer. There are costs and rewards, and the costs of dropping everything to follow your faith. The costs for everyday Christians would simply be lost time, but I am positive that what you get from prayer and Eucharist and charity are certainly worth it. The rewards are clear; the satisfaction from helping others, changing others lives, communicating with God, preaching to your parish. All of the above are high points of the different aspects of modern day discipleship. Eternal life, happiness and a faith. If you are as determined, dedicated and committed enough, you can have all three of those wonders. Just follow Jesus' example, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, The Lord our God is the only Lord". RE Coursework AO2- Caolan Byrne 11A1 Mrs Ballentine ...read more.

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