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Religion In The Media

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Religion In The Media Introduction: In this essay I am going to investigate the way religious issues are dealt with in the media. Types of religious program: Analyse and explain the way in witch a religious or moral issue concern to Christians has been dealt with in a TV soap: Soaps have very large audiences of around 14 million plus therefore they are a very good way of delivering a message to a wide range of people. Soaps have dealt with a range of religious and moral issues for example; Brookside - Ron Dixon's wife is a Catholic. He has an affair. His wife refused to have a divorce because it was against her beliefs. Eventually she gave in when she found and new relationship for herself. I have chosen to write about a recent event in the soap Eastenders which involves Cat and Zo� Slater. Zo� has grown up thinking that Cat is her sister because that is what her family has always told her when Harry Slater (Cat and Zo�'s uncle) ...read more.


They generally deal with the issues in a good way that helps people to understand and relate to the characters. The only danger of soaps dealing with religious issues is that they might offend some people. But overall I think that soaps are good ways of dealing with religious issues and probably don't upset many people. Chariots Of Fire: This film examines two different peoples beliefs in a realistic and sympathetic way. The film was awarded an Oscar in 1981 for best picture. The film was given a PG (Parental guidance) certificate, which means it will be seen by a wide range of people. Vangelis composed the theme tune, which was revolutionary at the time because it used new computer driven sounds. The story is about the rivalry between two British athletes as they prepare to take part in the 1924 Olympic games. Each man is spurred on by a personal/social handicap. Harold Abrahams is an ambitious Jew who runs because a racial prejudice he experienced at Cambridge University. ...read more.


The university dignitaries reprimand Abrahams form using a professional coach to achieve success, because know one else in England was using one at the time. Abrahams accuses them of being out of date and then leaves them on a bad note. When he leaves the room they respond by saying "A different God a different mountain top". Meaning different religion different views. When the senior tutors read the news of Abrahams victory inn the paper, they dismiss it by saying, "its what we expected". Eric Liddell is a very strict Christian and follows God's laws very strictly. This is shown when at the beginning of the film, he tells a young boy off for playing football outside of the church on a Sunday. You can also see this when he refuses to run in the Olympics on a Sunday, even there is a lot of pressure put on him form the Prince of Wales and the British Olympic committee. This shows that Liddel believes that God comes before Nationalism. But Liddel still runs when he swaps his event form the 100m to the 400m with another competitor in the games. My views: ...read more.

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