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Religion: wealth and poverty coursework

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Religion: wealth and poverty coursework Ai Christianity and Muslims both teach that wealth is not just something that you did yourself, it also teaches that it's not just yours. Christianity teaches that wealth is a gift from god, and Muslims teach that all wealth belongs to Allah. Both religions teach that wealth is given to help humanity, so those who have it should share it, and wealth should be used for good purposes and not for earning more money for the wrong purposes. Both religions teach that everyone with wealth should have a good attitude towards it, they should not be greedy and selfish, and above all they should not let their wealth lead them away from worshipping their god. They both teach that wealth should be shared with the poor and not for sharing with other people who are also wealthy. Both religions teach that a wealthy man is no greater than a poor man, and that every human is equal through the eyes of God and Allah. Christianity teaches; that, a person's value should be judged on their actions and not on their wealth and possessions. It also teaches that you can only gain money in lawful and moral ways, and true happiness is not found in riches or well-being, in fame or power, or in any human achievement. In the bible it quotes that 'it is much harder for a rich person to enter the kingdom of god than it is to fit ...read more.


If a war or a natural disaster like an earthquake hits a country it will cost that country a lot of money to fix and it will slow that country down to becoming a developed country. Aiii Tearfund Tearfund is a Christian organization, which works worldwide, their logo emphasis this showing the globe. Tearfund provides essential aid helping people to lead better lives. Tearfund will consider assisting churches and Christian groups in the following categories: relief and disaster, agricultural development, forestry, health care, water supply improvement, vocational training, job creation, schools, children, meals, social welfare, buildings, skilled personnel, transport, Evangelism and Christian education, scholarships, and tear craft. When tearfund begins a project to help people they follow ten guidelines: 1) Help the poorest people in the area. 2) Deal with the basis cause of poverty, rather than just help with the symptoms. 3) Be supported by the local people who must want it and who must be committed. 4) Have an 'integrated' approach if possible, covering several branches of development. 5) Aim to develop the skills and experience of local people, and not make them dependent on outside help. 6) Give training a high priority, for the benefit of the community. 7) Aim to train local workers to take over posts held by foreign personnel. 8) Be sustainable: ecological sustainable development includes defending and renewing the environment on which the poor defend. ...read more.


sitting in a bank for their whole life and they could be helping a lot of people and charities with the money they earn. I think the queen should do more to help poor people who are suffering and charities because she is very rich and she doesn't even work for it. People like princess Diana set good examples for rich people. She didn't care about the amount of money she had, she just wanted to help people and charities who needed help, in some cases she was even risking her life to help charities, for example she helped the charity SAVE THE CHILDREN. She helped this charity by going onto mine fields and getting rid of mines, and her money helped with this as well. I think that that is a good way for rich people to spend their money. Rich people shouldn't spend all their money on other people they should spend some money on themselves and their families, but they should only buy things that they need to live a comfortable life. All religions basically teach the same thing about wealth and poverty. Christianity teaches that it is all right to be rich as long as you use your wealth to help people who are not so rich, and Muslims teach that wealth is a gift from Allah and it is a test to see if you make the right choices using your wealth and not use your wealth in badways. Nathan Wharton 10GKC ...read more.

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