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Religion, Wealth & Poverty.

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Religion, Wealth & Poverty "Whoever saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind" Qur'an 5:32 The above stated ayah of the Holy Quran could mean many things; saving a persons life from an attack from the enemy or from a car accident but it can also mean to save a persons life financially. Islam teaches the Muslim to work hard and earn his living but it also teaches the Muslim to give wealth in the path of Allah to help the poor. It comes in a hadith reported by our Prophet (s.a.w) that on the day of Judgement, seven people will be under the shade of the Throne of Allah while the other people will be drowning in their own sweat, out of these seven people, one of them will be that person who spent his wealth, in this world, to help the poor in such a way that his right hand did not know what his left hand had given and his left hand did not know what his right hand had given. "He is not a believer who eats his fill while his neighbour remains hungry by his side." ...read more.


Many Muslims send their charity to help the poor in impoverished countries as many countries are less developed than others. This causes an invisible border between the countries. If we look carefully at our world we see two extremes, the extremely rich and the extremely poor. Luxembourg is the richest country in the world according to its Gross National Product. The average person in that country earns approximately $40,000 per year while in Sudan the average person earns $63. That is a colossal difference in wealth. If we look at a map of the world we can see that most of the world's developed countries lie north of the equator while the majority of developing countries lie south. This can also be referred to at times as the 'Physical Quality of Life Index Line'. The countries which lie south are known as less developed countries - countries which are still very poor and have people starving like Sudan, Bangladesh, and Mali etc. The reasons behind these countries being less developed are two. Many of them are in war and are less developed because of human cause and many are less developed because of natural disasters such as an earthquake. ...read more.


(surah 2:110 and other passages) We can understand from the above mentioned Quranic verse that Allah had wanted it to be that there would be rich and poor people so that He could test the miser ness and the sincerity of the rich people. "Fast in the month of Ramadan, pray your five times daily Salah, give Zakah from your wealth and fear your Lord and you will enter into your Lords Paradise" (The Final Sermon given by Prophet [s.a.w]) Also, our prophet (s.a.w) told us to give our wealth in the path of Allah. Although he might have even meant poor people giving their wealth but I think this saying was aimed at the rich people. It is not permissible for poor people to not give the wealth they have because if they do then they will get more reward than a wealthy person giving in the path of Allah as the poor person gave what he needed for himself. In conclusion, I think that rich people are there to help the poor people and that to believe in that there should be no wealth as long as there is poverty is wrong. In Islam it is a big reward for people to give charity to the poor, this would not have been the case, had there not been any poverty. ...read more.

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