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GCSE: Mormons

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  1. The Mormons.

    This meant that they believed that they were the only people who went to heaven after they died. The Mormons believed in sharing everything and they owned nothing themselves. They were a closely-knit community who looked out for and supported one another. The Mormons also believed that they had to build a 'Zion', which means 'God's place on earth'. They built their Zion in Nauvoo, Illinois and set about creating a place where everyone would treat, and be treated equally. These beliefs were very important to the Mormons and they took them very seriously. The Mormon beliefs were very strong and they were aware of their identity and had a lot of focus in their religion.

    • Word count: 1252
  2. Mormon Essay.

    Within a year his church had over 1000 followers. The Mormons believed they were God's chosen people on Earth and that eventually one day inherit the Earth and all its wealth. This partly explains why they became very unpopular amongst gentiles (non- Mormons).In 1844 Joseph Smith claimed to have received a revelation from God which he said allowed certain Mormons to practise polygamy; by this time he already had more than one wife and his bodyguard John Scott had five. Some Mormons thought this was wrong and denounced Smith as a false prophet this led to a series of hate attacks and eventually him get arrested then shot in jail by an angry mob of gentiles.

    • Word count: 1303
  3. The Mormons - Source related study.

    People living in he East of America had trouble accepting the Mormon's views on polygamy because to them it was unnatural and an absurd idea. People in the East did not practice polygamy so were not used to this kind of practice in religion. Once they heard news of the Mormons now practising polygamy, they were out raged and they thought it was immoral and they felt worried and threatened that it would lead to a rapid increase in Mormon population.

    • Word count: 1621

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