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Religious Communities

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RE Coursework Part A3 Mount Saint Bernard's Abbey is a community of contemplative Cistercian monks, situated in Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire. They live a life of spirit, simplicity, silence and solitude and their typical day is a careful balance of prayer and work. Their sole purpose is to devote their life fully to God, without anyone or anything distracting them on the way. They don't experience dissatisfaction and they develop a craving for other things that only God can fulfil. They believe that with faith and belief, the promise made by Jesus will be accomplished through their resurrection to be with God for eternity. ...read more.


Another practise in the community is silent prayer. This is done 3 - 4 times a day privately and usually lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour each session. It gives the monks a chance to pray for themselves and others and more importantly to reflect with God. They do this to build up and develop their relationships with God and they renounce themselves to be with God, as they believe that this is their vocation. In time they will resurrect from the dead and will eventually reach God in his kingdom. Another practise of the community is the reflection of scripture. ...read more.


Another practise within the Community is the liturgical prayer. The monks lay aside their various day to day tasks in order to come together and give their undivided attention to God to praise and give him thanks. The prayer usually consists of psalms, hymns, readings and prayers. They do this as they believe that together with the Eucharist (the source of Christian life), and the whole Church, these times of prayer have a philosophical effect on the monk's union with God. Through liturgical prayer they sincerely seek God and gradually find and become closer to him. They eventually become part of the whole church and are able to aid others through their prayers. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 3 - ...read more.

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