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Religious faith is an acceptance of those truths expressed in the Bible, especially the death and resurrection of Christ, and

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AO3- "Religious faith is very important in modern society." Do you agree? Religious faith is an acceptance of those truths expressed in the Bible, especially the death and resurrection of Christ, and is a relationship with God beginning at baptism, strengthened by the Holy Spirit through Word and Sacrament. However, throughout history, faith has changed and evolved. For example, Henry VIII branched out from the Christian church and formed the Church of England. But while faith changed, there always seemed to be a place for it. However, our modern society is seemingly becoming secular, and faith looks as if it is decreasing. While some people may disagree with the statement, others still feel that religious faith plays a very important place in modern society. There are many different charities that have religious mission statements, such as CAFOD, Christian Aid and Caritas. CAFOD 'draws their inspiration from the Scriptures' and they aim to promote 'Christian faith and Gospel Values', just as Caritas takes their vision from Luke 4:16-19, 21: "Jesus stood up to ...read more.


For example money; there are many different currencies, just like religions, but there is forged money flying around all the time. On the other hand, there are many people that disagree with this statement. Lots of people believe that religions "colour" life by saying 'it's ok, good things happen when you die', or 'don't worry, she might be having fun, but she'll go to hell' and various other expressions. These people believe that the only moral code we should trust and follow is the one we come up with ourselves. Sure, the Ten Commandments might be a good start, but let's not trust them just because of an old story, let's trust them and live by them because they make perfect moral and ethical sense. Also, in a recent survey in Wales, over 56% of people said they didn't attend church regularly. When asked why, the main reason for non-attendance was "lifestyle". People are simply too busy to find time for their religion. ...read more.


Do religious people ever question God or switch their sentiments and curse him for causing these horrendous experiences? Even though biblical texts claim that God is the reason for evil in the world: "Then the Lord said to him [Moses], 'Who has made man's mouth? Who makes him dumb, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? Is it not I, the Lord?'" (Exodus 4:11-12). In conclusion, I think that religious faith is important in modern society, but not in the way it is trying to fit in. If the Church doesn't want to condone abortion or divorce, it doesn't have to, but it shouldn't try to change the views that we have caught on to, because they are ours, and ours alone and we should be allowed to be individual and unique. However, I also think that the religious charities such as CAFOD and Christian Aid play a big part in our society, even if it is just recognising that there are still people who believe in God and the Scriptures unconditionally. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hannah Callaghan 10 Lystra AO3 ...read more.

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