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religous education

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RELIGION AND MEDIA (R.E) Introduction: - In this coursework we were looking at three programs, which included mainstream magazine/ worship, religious magazine and religious documentary. Mainstream magazine/ worship Mainstream worship is about culture, race and different languages. We also watched a program called songs of praise, this program is about hymns/ songs and it also includes interviews with other religious believers. Songs of praise is a program that is aimed at older people but it also becoming to appeal to younger people. Religious magazines Religious magazines is about pictures, advertisement, information and enjoyable to watch or read. We also watched a program that was called Sunday morning. ...read more.


Different people can this program e.g. religious and non- religious people but elder people (adults) mainly watch it. My opinion on this program is that its an okay kinder program because its not that interesting to watch they need to make it kind of exciting to watch, so it can attract young adults to watch the program. Religion and Media Philadelphia Coursework Philadelphia is about a young lawyer called Andrew Buckett; he loses he's job at the law firm. The law firm lies about they fired him but he knows that they knew that he had Aids that's why they fired him in the first place. Andrew Buckett is determined to defend his self and his professional reputation, so he decides to look for a lawyer to defend him when he goes to court but he doesn't find any one who wants to help him at all. ...read more.


In a Christianity point of view you are not allowed to be homosexual (attraction to the same sex) because it is a sin and it is also condemned in the bible. The message inside Philadelphia is that don't judge people just because they are different, you should expert them for who they are. The problem in Philadelphia was dealt within the story by going to extreme levels (court) just to find out if the firm was prejudice against people who have Aids. The problem was also dealt fairly because Andrew Buckett won the court case against his old lawyer firm he used to work for and he got what he wanted and the was justice. The treatment of the firm couldn't have been improved at all because Andrew got everything he needed e.g. his family, friends supporting him all the way to the end... Cindrella .c. ...read more.

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