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Roman Catholics Beliefs about Abortion

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A02 RE coursework Describe how a Roman Catholic might put their beliefs about abortion into action. Roman Catholics are totally against abortion, because it goes against their beliefs they believe that abortion is immoral because they believe that a child is a human being from the moment of conception not when it is born, therefore they are morally obliged to do all that they can to prevent it from happening. The catholic faith is taught that doing nothing is not an option, and that you must live your life according to the principles of the faith. Catholics believe that a child is not a right but a privilege and that women should not be allowed to terminate the Childs life because it is not their choice. ...read more.


Write letters to newspapers which are sympathetic to the views of Catholics and are related to abortion such as Mother and Child magazines or magazines for elder teenagers, and also make interesting leaflets or pamphlets and hand them out in their local town or city, the idea is to get the point across and to get the idea that abortion is wrong out in the open so more people understand it. Educate others on the dangers of abortion such as physical problems like you may never again have children if there are medical problems, or that the mother may spend the rest of her life regretting the decision if it is made in a rash moment of fear and that in the eyes of the church and God it is a terrible sin which can ...read more.


There are less peaceful methods such as damaging the property of doctors who do abortions so that they become scared and do not do it anymore. Or Catholics could foster or adopt the children of those who are pregnant and do not wish to keep their babies. Or possibly the most important pray to God and ask him for a sign and to help these women make the right decision and that they follow his design and plan. Most Catholics will debate it in their Church and probably members of an Organisation like SPUC or LIFE will come and talk about abortion and some Roman Catholics will help these groups by signing petitions. Respect for human life is not just a duty and that respect for human life is deeply embedded in the minds and souls of the human race. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hannah McVeigh 5W Mr. Gough ...read more.

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