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Roman Catholics go and attend mass and receive Holy Communion because it's showing obedience to Jesus command and at the last supper Jesus said b4 breaking the bread "do this in memory of me".

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Explain why the worship you described is important to Christians In your answer you should explain the reasons for the differences between denominations that you have highlighted. When Christians worship they show different types of emotions for example adoration, admiration and they also show affection to god through what they think about say and what they do. If you want to express yourself as a Christian then there are many ways to do this for example praying is a way where you go and talk to god on your own in your own space and in your own time, another example is to sing, which is quite a fun way to pray and talk to god at the same time, more reasons are to be moving and reading prayers together and then you can interact with each other. ...read more.


lying nearly dead on a Calcutta pavement, her feet were half eaten by rats and ants, she was there for days on end and know one had stop to help her. The one-day a nun came along, she was only small dressed in a white sere, which covered her head this woman, was Mother Teresa, she saw the woman on the pavement and stopped full of pity. So she picked the woman of the floor and took her to the nearest hospital for treatment, they told her that there was no point because this woman was too ill and couldn't be saved plus they had no room in there. Mother Teresa pleaded with them but they said there was nothing they can do for her, however Teresa went of to another hospital, but it was in vain that the woman died". ...read more.


The statues is Roman Catholic worship are used to pray to like when you say the hail Mary you would look at the statue of our lady. An example of someone who sacrificed their life for another is Maxamillian Kolbe who was a prisoner of the Nazis in world war two in a concentration camp who put himself in another persons place a man who had children, so maxamillian kolbe was killed later that day as he took another mans place. Roman Catholics can follow this example by giving something up in their lives even if it is just money. I think that all the ways that churches worship are important in their own way towards individual people because they feel it is probably the best way to show their admiration and feelings towards god, when they do this they think they are serving the lord the way he intended us to. Which is follow the way that they feel is the best way. ...read more.

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