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Should cannabis be legalised

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'Cannabis is harmful and leads to hard drugs. It should never be made be made legal' Cannabis is harmful and can lead to harder drugs meaning it should not be made legal as it's every parent's nightmare. Furthermore, it's the terror of drugs that means it should be kept illegal. Drugs are extremely expensive and a kilo of heroin in America costs as much as a Royal Royce due to great risks of distributing and selling. If one was to agree that cannabis should be legalised then it would make cannabis more accessible to the youth at a very cheap price. Therefore, whether a person is young or old more people will experiment and consume this product. ...read more.


This means that the drug trade would finance powerful gangs who would threaten the government of that country. As they would have the money from legalised drug trade to spend on weapons and training people to kill. This point can be addressed as Columbia and Mexico have current problems with the Government and some what corrupted police. Furthermore, the point of money which could be spent on weapons and on vile regimes can address once again in Myanmar and Afghanistan. By legalising cannabis a person becomes some what relaxed meaning that STI diseases can be spread easily as people aren't as alert and people tend to be more sexually active as proven through other drugs in particular alcohol and what is known by many young adults as binge drinking which is already having an adverse affect on the youth of society and the NHS on abortions or STIs. ...read more.


Al Capone who wouldn't enforce safety laws. Furthermore, by legalising drugs such as Cannabis it would generate jobs and reduce the strain on prisons as about 1 in 4 American's who are put in jail have crimes relating to drugs. This means the current toughness on soft drugs such as Cannabis should be relaxed as many people are put in prison not because of choice. Furthermore, it would destabilise the current economy in poorer nations as many would starve without its drug trade. This point can be emphasised in Columbia as many politicians use this point to gain votes and in countries like in Afghanistan it is necessary for us as opium can be used in pain killers and for medical purposes. ...read more.

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