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Should Capital Punishment Be Reinstated In Britain?

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Should Capital Punishment Be Reinstated In Britain? Capital Punishment is the legal infliction of death as a penalty for violating criminal law. Throughout history people have been put to death for various forms of wrongdoing. Methods of execution have included such practices as crucifixion, stoning, drowning, burning at the stake, impaling, and beheading. Today capital punishment is typically accomplished by lethal gas or injection, electrocution, hanging, or shooting. The death penalty is the most notorious severe practice in the modern world. Other harsh, physical forms of criminal punishment also referred to as corporal punishment have generally been eliminated in modern times as unsophisticated and unnecessary. Britain itself had effectively abolished capital punishment by 1965 due to the 'inhumane' methods of execution and unjust reasons for the executions with the only exception being for treason. Now, almost 30 years later, technology has evolved in such a way that mistakes would be virtually unheard of and the method of execution far more excepted in today's society. So this begs the question that is on the minds of many members of the public and government of Britain, should capital punishment be reinstated in Britain? ...read more.


For example in Singapore the crime rate fell dramatically when the death penalty was introduced by as much as 50% showing it to be an effective means of deterrent. It is hard to see how any humane person could not feel threatened or at least wary of their life being taken for a crime, would it make you think twice? Since the abolition of capital punishment it is a fact that the murder rate more than doubled (to around 750 per year) and is now around a 1000 a year at present. There have been 71 murders committed by people who have been released after serving "life sentences" in the period between 1965 and 1998 and in the five years that the death sentence was scrapped there was a 125% increase in crimes that would have previously been subject to the death sentence. There are a number of arguments against the death penalty. The most important one in most peoples view the virtual certainty that genuinely innocent people will be executed and that there is no possible way of bringing them back if found innocent. ...read more.


How would you feel knowing that you were going to die in 24 hours? However there is an alternative to the death sentence and that is sticking to the 'life' sentence and not releasing the prisoner after so many years as figures show that over 20% of prisoners convicted of 'life' have gone on to re-offend in similar ways and if this could not happen then it is a definite possibility to convict an offender to life and stick to it. After studying the many different opinions of the death penalty it is clear that there many views on the matter and many facts and figures representing why the death penalty should or should not be reinstated into Britain. However, in my personal opinion I believe that a criminal should pay for what they have done and methods of deterrence at present times are just not as tough as they should be. So for a safer and more productive society I think that harsher measures should be inforced and criminals should be brought to justice, whether or not this means ending their lives or not is a matter of personal opinion and will surely be debated for many years, if it is enforced or not is up to the public and government to decide. ...read more.

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