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Should the UK reintroduce the death penalty?

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Giovanna Sinisgalli Should the UK reintroduce the death penalty? How would you feel if a mad man killed someone you loved? Would you want revenge? For many people the answer to this would be yes. But how far are you prepared to go? Capital punishment is a very controversial issue discussed by many. There are many reasons for crime such as drug addictions, mental health problems, unpleasant childhood, peer pressure and with all the violence shown on TV some people think that murder is acceptable in society. We cannot automatically assume society is not to blame for some of the causes so should we give second chances or just turn our backs on the accused by condemning them to death? Some people would chose the first option insisting that it breeches human rights by taking a life and then killing will become the norm for society. People will think that if the government can murder why can't I? Capital punishment does not deter crime and if anything increases the chances of crime. In the USA the top 13 states with the highest murder rates all have the death penalty. ...read more.


If we didn't spend all tax payers money on killing people then we could use it to help people with drug problems or mental health problems which is much more useful etc. Or we could use it to counsel the victims' families and help them through what they are going through which is surely more useful than just killing more people. The death penalty is also very much about luck and race. About 22,000 homicides are committed each year and 150 of these receive the death penalty. It has been proven in a recent study that for the same or similar crime a black person is more likely to be executed and the chance of receiving the death penalty rose by 3.5 times if the victim was white. Capital Punishment also goes against most religions. On the other hand, can a leopard ever really change its spots? Over 60% of released prisoners re-offend and the police waste time re-sentencing them. A life sentence in the UK rarely means a life sentence and if you behave well in prison they let you out earlier. ...read more.


Another option that should be considered is rehabilitation. There have been many successful cases and if people repent surely they deserve a second chance. Especially if the person involved is a child who has been brought up not knowing what is right and what is wrong, unloved or jealous of someone else. No one is born a bad person and as a society we could try and help them. In England and Wales there are 28 secure units, 13 secure training centres and 13 young offender institutes. People are taught about the impact of their crime on society which in some ways is a greater punishment as they have to live for the rest of their lives knowing what they did was wrong. It is also a lot cheaper than execution. I believe that in the UK we should not reintroduce the death penalty because I do not think that in this day and age it is acceptable to go back to an almost barbaric form of punishment and I don't think it will send out a very good message to future generations if a civilized culture such as ourselves deem it acceptable. I think we should look at the alternative options such as rehabilitation and try and help the people instead of condemning them. ...read more.

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