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Some Christians believe Human life is sacred. Explain how this belief influences their attitiude to abortion and euthanasia, showing that you understand other points of view.

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Some Christians believe Human life is sacred. Explain how this belief influences their attitiude to abortion and euthanasia, showing that you understand other points of view. In this piece of work I will explain the different views of people from different Christian churches about the controversial matters of abortion and euthanasia. .The first subject I will discuss is abortion. Many people have different opinions when life begins. Some believe life begins at conception; this is the very beginning of when the foetus starts to develop. Others believe it starts some time during the pregnancy like 12 or 13 weeks when the foetus has a human form or when the mother can feel its presence. Others believe that life begins at birth, when the fully developed baby is no longer part of its mother. Therefore the persons opinion on when life begins, influences their opinion on abortion. Abortion is the word used to describe a deliberate act or operation to get rid of the foetus from a pregnant woman. Many people see abortion as murder and a form or infancite as they believe the foetus is human, the opposite view exists as well, some people believe that the foetus is not human or is only part of the mother and therefore cannot be given the same rights as any other living person.. ...read more.


The Methodist church believes it is permissible to have an abortion if, the mother's life is in danger, the child is born with a severe handicap or if the mother's upbringing of other children suffers. The declaration of the United Methodist Church states, "This child is part of God's world. So the life of this child is not ours to take", The Baptist church is divided, they to believe like the other churches that life should not be destroyed however, they believe that if the birth of the child will affect other relationships her death or suffering would disturb the abortion is justified and other considerations similar to the Methodist church. The 1967 law in England and Wales states that abortion can be performed up the 24th week of pregnancy (amended by the 1990 Act to before the 24th week) if the pregnancy would have mental or physical effects to the mother or existing children. It allows abortion to happen at any stage if the child were to be born handicapped or to prevent injury or risking the life of the pregnant woman. There are many groups who campaign for and against abortion including the National Abortion Campaign, who want the law changed to allow woman to have their right to choose an abortion on demand. SPUC and LIFE are Christian movements, which are against abortion; LIFE concentrates on counselling women and supporting them while SPUC campaigns heavily for a change in the law. ...read more.


They believe it is not fair for doctors and nurses to give the drugs that will kill a patient, which they looked after. Places have been set up for instance by Sheila Cassidy and Cecily Saunders called Hospices. Hospices are dedicated places, which look after dying patients will terminal diseases, controlling pain through medication, care and attention. There are different attitudes between the Christian Churches. The Catholic Church believes it is wrong to overdose if requested or to omit treatment. However it acceptable to stop life support machines or stop any experimental/extraordinary treatment. In all they believe human life should not be attacked directly but life should not be kept alive at all costs. The Methodist Church believes life is sacred to but treatment can be stopped as long as there is no apparent hope of recovery. The Quakers/Society of Friends are not untied on the matter, some support voluntary euthanasia while others believe that it would not be needed if there were more hospices where quality of life is maintained till death. Overall Christians' views are very contrasting. Some Christians believe that life should be respected and protected especially in the case of abortion as the child is helpless and innocent. While others believe that it is the mother's choice and sometimes it is the lesser of two evils. Some Christians believe euthanasia is acceptable as it is the person's own choice, while other believe that there is no need of it in society now with advanced painkillers and hospices for terminally ill people. ...read more.

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